Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy holidays!

I hope that all my readers have a good holiday and new years. I'll be spending Christmas with my dad and step-mum (although we're not a Christian family).

This is what I wore to my xmas breakfast at work:
We went to a buffet at the Crown Atrium at Burswood (Perth's casino). I ate so much!!
The dress is from Hell Bunny, size 4xl. I had to alter it because it is a halter dress and I don't like halter dresses. So, I converted the straps to a normal strappy dress. Hell Bunny also added elastic gussets in the side of the dress, which looked horrible so I sewed them down so it couldn't stretch out.

I made a shrunken head for my co-worker:

And I got a Bowie tattoo yesterday:

I have paid time off until January 2nd. I'm going to relax and play lots of video games!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

1920s Murder Mystery

My friend, Stephanie, invited me to a 1920s Murder Mystery that she was hosting. I said 'yes' straight away, but then freaked out because I can't act and I wouldn't know other people at the party. My worst nightmare!

Well, glad to say, the party went well. I got my costume from Memory Lane Clothing in Mount Lawley near my house.

I got some fake cigarettes :)

My character was Dina Diva, a singer who wanted a shot at Hollywood films. Me and another girl drew first place for best dressed, we shared the prize which was chocolate :)


Paris Day 2: Paris Catacombs

I was very excited to see the Paris catacombs. I took so many photos!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Paris Day 1: Versailles

I'm back from my Euro trip, safe and sound. Here is the first set of my photos. Hope you like them! The photos will be after the break, because there are so many of them.