Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nachtmahr/Grendel Blitzkrieg

April 23rd was the Nachtmahr and Grendel special at Club Unknown. Celebrating the Nachtmahr and Grendel concert that was on Monday the 25th. Nachtmahr and Grendel are bands from overseas playing Agrotech EBM, lots of their songs are club hits and I was very excited to see them.

Anyway, back to Club Unknown. I decided to wear something totally different from what I usually wear.

So I'm wearing a more industrial goth outfit, other than normal trad goth. But all my friends said I pulled it off well, although one also said I still looked trad. It was probably the backcombed hair and nose chain. Also, sorry for the fog. These were taken in the loos at Club Unknown, and the smoke machine gets everywhere.

Dress/tunic: New Look (I'm pretty sure it's a tunic, as it's very short) Ebay find
PVC Corset: UK Ebay (for only a fiver!!)
Skirt: Millers (found in op shop)
Tie: Borrowed from a friend
Tights: Evans
Boots: Dr. Martens (Perth Army Surplus)
Fishnet top: Tights with crotch cut out :P

This weekend at Club Unknown is Mods & Rockers night. So I'm breaking out my winklepickers again, and my red dress.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wednesday Wants: PUNK SPECIAL!

Oh Poly Styrene. Why did you have to die?
So, I'm looking at lots of punk clothes. I've been wanting a leather biker jacket for ages, but sadly I don't look good in leather and it makes me look fatter than I really am. AND plaid pants. I love plaid pants, but no plus sizes :(
So here is what I'm wanting:

Both of these are from Angry Young & Poor. 3/4 Plaid Pants and Biker Jacket.
But the thing about Punk is that you shouldn't buy a ready made outfit. That is just lazy, and stuff like that is expensive. Buy a few staples, such as the above, then make punk t-shirts. Punk t-shirts are the MOST easiest thing ever. I make them with all my old band shirts, I cut around the neckline and cut the sleeves too. Then I put safety pins and badges everywhere.

Plus, there is no reason to not know how to DIY your own clothes. It's so much easier since the Internet came out. I remember when I was a little baby bat, and I wished for small easy things like plus size fishnets. Now it's really easy to find what you want. So google some punk or goth DIY.

14-eye Dr. Martens. I love Dr. Martens, I have this pair already but I would totally buy another pair. Comfy, and you can walk in them all day without getting sore feet. I always polish mine so they're nice and shiny.

Lastly, I want some more nose chains. This is me with my normal nose chain, but I need a new one. I have to keep an eye out for some nice chain pieces.

Poly Styrene: Dead

Sadly, Poly Styrene of the X-Ray Spex died on Monday as a result of a battle with cancer. I seriouly loved her singing voice and style, this is the first famous person that has made me sad when they died. She was a punk icon, and I feel she was a feminist icon too. She didn't care what anyone thought about her, she wore whatever she wanted and didn't cave into the expectaions of what a female should look like.

Here is a video of their song Identity

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wednesday Wants

Sorry about not posting a 'Wednesday Wants' last Wednesday. I'll put up an epic post now, not that anyone reads this blog yet anyway :P

Today I'll focus on Evans. I was going to do a post on shoes, but there doesn't seem to be many cute shoes around.

Well, these one's aren't bad..

Block heel bow detail courts, from Evans. But I wouldn't be able to walk in them. I really love the patent leather look.

Sometimes it's hard for a Goth to go to 'normal' stores and try to find Goth items. It's even harder for a plus-size Goth, like myself. I usually have to keep a keen lookout for black items. More points if clothes include lace, and aren't frumpy.
Usually I find clothes at Op Shops. It's only after long searching that a Goth item pops up, then I have to snatch it and wear it to death.

One thing I really dislike is stores trying to sell basic clothes for a high cost. Such as skirts. I'm not paying $20 for a plain black skirt, I can make one if I really want to. I always think that when shopping, if I can make it then I wont buy it.

I would totally wear this dress and cardigan together. I'm not fond of short sleeves, I'll never wear them. So cardigans do a good job, and seeing as it's turning into winter in Australia I wish I had more! But they're one of those items I can't justify paying lots for.
Pleated fan tunic and black long sleeve bolero

I love everything about this shirt!! Okay, well, maybe not the spots. But the shoulders and the bow, it's all so cute! I don't think I would be able to get away with this as I'm not used to seeing myself in patterns. But a nice top none the less.
Sienna Couture polka dot pussy bow blouse

And finally a plain waist belt. I want to buy a million of these, because one day they'll go out of fashion and I wont be able to find them anymore. I love waist belts, they're so 80's
Black croc waisted belt

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Peter Pan Collar Dress Review

Dress: ASOS Curve
Belt: Evans
Tights: Evans
Boots: Underground Shoes

I got this dress from ASOS Curve, which is a plus size section of the ASOS web store. I first heard about ASOS on advertisements during America's Next Top Model when I was living in the UK. I never bought anything from the website because I didn't have enough money.

The selection of plus size clothes is decent, and very nice. There are so many things on my wish list that I will buy when I have money. I managed to afford this dress because they offered free international shipping, and I had some money left on my UK bank card.

The dress arrived in a week, very quickly considering UK shipping usually takes awhile. It was packaged well, nothing torn and the dress in a plastic sleeve with cardboard. It had a separate invoice and a page that had information about returning items.

Everyone was complimenting me on the dress, and I really loved it. One of my friends was even annoyed that they didn't do it in smaller sizes because she wanted one. I really like the collar, and it stayed down and didn't fly up.
I've read other reviews from plus size blogs saying that the dresses are a bit too short, but I didn't really mind. I usually wear my dresses with tights, and I chose to wear my Evans purple tights with it. My usual black tights are dying and I need to buy some more.

I really like the jersey material. Nice and light, but also heavy so it doesn't fly up in the wind. It would go great with a cardigan or jacket.

The only problem I had with the dress was that there was a defect on the front. A row of tiny cuts under the bust line. I really couldn't be bothered returning it, as I wanted to wear the dress to my friends birthday party. You can't even see the defect when wearing the dress, and someone would have to look really close at my boobs.

Overall I recommend ASOS Curve as a really nice plus size clothing website, and I can't wait to buy more things.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Party Outfit

Dress: Lip Service
Tights: Evans
Belt: Evans
Shoes: Underground Shoes

This is what I wore to my friends 25th birthday. It's thankfully cooler in Perth, after a long hot summer. It even rained yesterday!

All of this outfit I bought from the UK while over there. The lace Lip Service dress I got from Ebay, and I don't think it's available anymore. My winklepicker shoes I really love, they came in my boxes I shipped from the UK. It took three months for them the arrive!

All my outfits I try to get cheap. I never like paying lots of money on clothing, especially if I don't like the item.

Ebay in the UK was the best ever, lots of plus size goth stuff. It was also great to be able to buy Evans clothing when it was on sale. For anyone who doesn't know, Evans is a plus size high street retailer. I love a lot of their clothes, although their skirts are always pretty ugly. It was nice to see cheaper plus size clothes. In Australia we don't have any mainstream plus size stores, apart from City Chic which is VERY expensive.

For jewelery I wore a cameo necklace, and a handmade skeleton hand hair clip.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Wants

This is the first edition of Wednesday Wants. Clothes I wish I could have!

Sienna Couture waterfall button wrap cardigan. Evans. I love this cardigan, I can imagine wearing it in winter. It has a awesome cowboy look about it.
Cost: £30

Sienna Couture lace dress, from Evans. They're out of stock :(
Cost: £32

In other news, I received my Peter Pan collar ASOS Curve dress today! I tried it on and it fits perfectly. I will review it properly when I wear it on the 13th to a friends birthday party.