Sunday, August 28, 2011

DIY Image on Bag

- Bag
- Image you want on bag
- Safety pins
- Scissors
I always keep stuff I think useful. I got a free cloth bag from a travel expo I went to. I wouldn't of used it because of the boring logo, so I thought to put something over it.
 Plain boring cloth bag.

 Image of Kermit the frog that I cut out from a t-shirt (This is where the scissors come in). You can use any image, I find old shirts are good. Maybe you have a shirt that doesn't fit, but you like the design. Or the shirt is old and tattered.

My most favourite thing in the whole world. You can get 200 safety pins from discount stores. I got mine from the Reject Shop (Australia). I actually need to get some more, I'm running out :(

 Pin the image to the bag. Make sure to get it even.


I guess some people might not like the whole "safety pin stuff on other stuff" but I really love it!

Getting a Hawk

 This weekend my friend came over and gave me a hawk. I've always wanted one, and I thought now might be the best time. I'm planning on backcombing it when I go out to form a death hawk.

I got tired of red hair, so I first bleached it.
 I'm a natural blonde, so this is what my normal hair would look like. I haven't had blonde hair since I was in year 8.

Then I dyed it green! I really like green, it feel it suits me. Plus I don't think it'll stain as much as red did.

I have work tomorrow, so I wonder what they will think :P

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wednesday Wants

A pretty boring selection today. I need to do some research on some nice goth clothes.

 Asos Curve Contrast Fit and Flare Dress. ASOS Curve, £35.00. Very cute dress, I was thinking about buying it but I don't really like the contrast around the neck.

Max C Spot Dress. Evans, £55.00. I really don't suit spots, otherwise this would be all mine!
 Black Military Button Tunic/Dress. Yours Clothing, £22.00. I am totally buying this, although I'm a bit worried about the length of the sleeves.

 Bumble Bee Costume. Torrid, $67.50usd. DO NOT WANT! I just want to illustrate the type of costume that I hate. It's the most boring, unimaginative Halloween costume on the planet. I can't wait for Halloween, I'm making my own costume. I will probably show progress as I do it. My costume will be cheaper and more original than this one.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Club Unknown and The Loft

I had a VERY busy weekend. My parents are currently taking a holiday in the UK, to visit family. So I have the house to myself. I'm going to invite some friends over to watch some movies, because I can't have any over while my parents are here.

On Saturday at Club Unknown there was an event for Minx Corsetry. There was a fashion show and a burlesque act, plus lots of good music. The theme was elegant vs. debauchery, I went as elegant.

Here is my makeup and EPIC GLITTER!! Glitter lips, hair and cheeks. Oh, and my nose chain that I made myself.

 My best friend, Nix, lent me some eyelashes to wear. She has heaps.

Here is my outfit! I'm in the car park before walking to Club Unknown. I have no idea who's car that it.
Dress: What I wore to my year 12 ball, my friend sewed it for me and I customised it a bit.
Corset: Minx Corsets 
Shoes: Demonia (you can't see them)
Lace Gloves: Supre (when lace was in fashion two years ago)
Fan: Local markets
Necklaces: Ebay

I DJed at the Loft on the Sunday after. I slept in my hair for the night before, so I'm still full of glitter. It was a Cure tribute night, so I wore my Cure shirt. I made most of my badges myself using the DIY method.

Detail of my glitter hair.

God, I really hate white shirts on me.
Shirt: Ebay UK
Vest: George at ASDA
Skirt: Millers ($3 at Op Shop)
Tights: We Love Colours
Boots: Demonias

I really had fun at The Loft. Lots of great music and dancing. It was really humid though, and we had really heavy rains afterwards.
Before my friends and I went to The Loft we visited San Churro for some yummy chocolate. It was great, and it's right across the road from The Loft.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wednesday Wants

Not much this week.

I've been very naughty and bought a lot of the things I've been craving. Like more winklepickers, Dr. Martens, and clothes. One thing I really need is a new camera, which I might buy with my next pay.

Good news, I have a busy weekend! So that means more photos. I have Club Unknown on Saturday, and I'm DJing at The Loft Cure Tribute on Sunday. My DJ handle is DJ Prudish :)

Hemnes Mirror. IKEA, $99aud. Yes, I'm so boring that I want a mirror. But I don't have a nice full length mirror. It's really hard trying to figure out if something looks good on you if you have to use a crappy dressing table mirror.
Hemnes Chest of Drawers. IKEA, $399aud. The drawers I currently have are broken. The runners are snapped and the drawers fall out whenever I want to get some clothes. It's very annoying. I might get these, unless I can find something cheaper.

God, No!, $13.58usd (sale price). I would really like to read this. It's the new book from Penn Jillette, I've always enjoyed his way of thinking. I might get it out from the library to read.

 Just a quick photo of my makeup for last weeks Loft. I had a 50min set at the beginning, so I played lots of easy-on-the-ears music. The DJ equipment kept playing up on me though, whenever I tried to play a song it always went back to Sisters of Mercy.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Feminism Is To Blame For Everything

When I get to work in the morning, I usually take a look at some online news. This is the only way I get the news, as I don't watch t.v. or read the newspaper. So, today on a PerthNow (A Perth based news site for the Sunday Times) there is a story about a woman named June Dally-Watkins, and how she feels etiquette is lacking in Australia. (LINK TO ARTICLE)

In this article she blames the "death of chivalry" on Feminists. Why?
Because: "Men and women were once courteous to each other, and then along came Germaine Greer, who said women should be more like men"

Seriously? First off, feminism is not about women trying to be men, it's about women wanting equal rights to what men do. In her statement it seems that she thinks women are in-equal to what a man is. This seriously bugs me.

I've only recently found my feminism. I've always been a feminist, but I've only just found out how I fit into it. I don't have to be actively fighting for women's rights all the time. For me, being a feminist is being an individual. Asking questions, and expecting answers. Not taking crap from anyone because I'm 'just a girl'. Men can be feminists. Many women are feminists without even realising it. If you are a woman and you expect the same rights as a man, then you're a feminist. It doesn't mean that you're a man hater, or a dyke, or any other of those horrible words people associate with feminism.

You know what feminism has done for women? Basically everything they do today. Voting, wearing pants, birth control, renting/buying a house, deciding not to get married without being called a 'spinster' at 25, maternity leave, etc. Walking around the streets without a companion to keep us from 'moral' harm.
And you know what? Women are still getting paid less than men in the workplace, for exactly the same job. Women aren't allowed to drive cars in some countries, I don't care that 'women can't drive' it's our right to do it. The worst thing, I think, is genital mutilations performed on women.

Another comment in the article: "There is nothing more inappropriate than shorts ... especially short shorts. Some ways of dressing ... give the impression of 'I'm yours, take me'"
Really, people in the 19th century used to not be able to show their ankles without being called a hussy. Now days girls can take care of themselves, it's the choice of every woman to be able to dress how they want and deal with the consequences that arise. Maybe it's the men who should be accounted for their behaviour instead of women?

I can agree with some of the points in the article. I have manners, I am polite. I know some people are not. I just don't know how that the declining morals of society must be always blamed on the 'feminist' or 'heathens'.
If being able to do what I want, make my own morals, and expect equal right means that I'm a unwanted member of polite society then I'd rather be a feminist.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DIY Fishnet Top

Fishnet tops are a great accessory for any Goth or Punk. In stores they can cost stupid amounts of money. Sometimes going up the $80. It's even funnier seeing stores selling overpriced fishnet tops with rips already in them.

Making your own fishnet top is really easy. I mean, even a child can do this, if I child can look more goth than you then you're not doing it right.

First: Get a pair of fishnets and scissors. You can get fishnets from most fashion stores, I got mine online. There are many varieties of fishnet, small holes medium holes large holes etc. I got medium holes.

Step 2: Cut the ends of the feet, this is for your hands to go though. Also make thumb holes. Don't worry about it fraying, fishnet doesn't unravel!
Step Three: Cut a SMALL hole for your head in the fork of the crotch. I can't stress the SMALL cut enough, don't do it too big because fishnet stretches. I made mine too big, so it doesn't stay on my shoulders properly.

Above it the hole I cut in the crotch. I did mine too big :( Seriously it only need to be a slit, you can make it bigger if your head doesn't fit.
Now your fishnet top is finished!! The waist elastic is the bottom of the shirt, and sits under your boobs (unless your a dude, because dudes don't have boobs) put your arms through the legs and head through the crotch.

So simple, so easy, only for $5!!

Wednesday Wants

First off, I'd like to say thanks for everyone who follows me. I have 23 people following me at the moment, and it makes me very happy. I never knew people would be interested in reading my blog.

Recently I got a bit of bad news. Sisters of Mercy were to come to Australia/Perth for a festival called Soundwave Revolution. Only yesterday news came out that Soundwave Revolution was cancelled.
It has made me very annoyed, I've always wanted to see Sisters of Mercy and had bought 2 tickets early. There is a great backlash in Australia about it. Apparently it was cancelled because one band pulled out, even though they already had plenty of good bands (Alice Cooper being one). I rarely go to concerts/festivals because none of the bands appeal to me, and this was the first time I willing bought a festival ticket. Luckily they're refunding tickets, but I would still love the see Sisters of Mercy.

Rockabilly Fetish Keyhole Spiked Pencil Dress. Inspired Insanity, $54.95. Keyhole neck outfits are very cute. I've never owned something with a keyhole neck, but there is a lot of it in the Goth scene. I would buy this dress, but I would like to see how it sits on me first.

Labyrinth David Bowie Jareth Talking 12-Inch Action Figure. Dark Figures, $29.99. I already have the non-talking Jareth figure, but I would LOVE the talking version. I love Bowie, and the Labyrinth. It's very hard to find a good priced Jareth doll, but I might look into it.

 Inspire Sheer Sleeve Pussy Bow Top. New Look, £17.99. I love pussy bows! Also, I'm very sorry about the crappy quality of the photo. I still don't know how to grab a good one off the New Look website. Please go to the website if you'd like to see a better photo.

Here is a video from Sisters of Mercy, it really sucks that I wont be able to see them:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Wants

Batty Skirt. £19.99 from Moon Maiden Clothing. I love sewing, but I'm not good enough to produce something like this! They do plus size, so I'm seriously thinking about getting one.

ASOS Pair of Angular Collar Tips. £10.00 from ASOS. SO CUTE!!! I've never seen anything as awesome as these.

ASOS Skinny Cross Hand Harness. £8.00 from ASOS. Because you can't have too many things with crosses on them.

ASOS Double Spike Through Finger Ring. £8.00 from ASOS. *dies* These are the best thing since sliced bread. I need these now!!! Although they don't give a clear ring size on their website.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Darkwave @ The Bakery

I've had a cold, which accounts for my not posting 'Wednesday Wants' last Wednesday. Sorry about that.

On Friday the 29th, me and Nix went to Darkwave. It was a concert containing 8 bands, all of them indie sounding. I'm pretty sure that they were all from Perth too. I was excited to see Like Junk play, because the guitarist is the guy I work with. They were great! Another band I really liked was Heytesburg, who sounded very Trad Goth.

Me and Nix were the only Goths there. It's really horrible not going out and dressing up every weekend.

 I wore my lovely MAC lipstick again. This time I outlined my lips in black eyeliner and blended it. I had to be super quick with my makeup, as the show started at 8pm! I'm also wearing my favourite necklace which has bats on it. I got it from a Halloween jewelery bin. Oh, how I love Halloween.

Being classing, standing in a carpark next to a random car. Pulling an unattractive face :P
Specimen shirt: Specimen gig, last year in the UK (they were great!)
Fishnet top: Cut up tights
Bangles: Evans
Corset: Can't remember
Skirts: Lace skirt from Chain Reaction. Skirt under that, swing skirt from Evans
Tights: We Love Colours
Boots: Demonia

On Saturday I got a new nose piercing, it's healing up well but hurts a bit.