Tuesday, January 24, 2012

EBM Grows On You: Part 3

I've been enjoying the new album from Shiv-r recently. They're a band from Australia and I first fell in love with the song Parasite from their album Hold My Hand

I call this the 'Ghost song' because the electronic wailing reminds me of ghosts :P
I received their new album This World Erase from my friend for Xmas. It's a brilliant album and I enjoy all of the songs. I think it's great that Shiv-r have been able to produce an album that has no 'weak' tracks like many EBM albums have. I once said to a friend that with EMB music you have to wade through a lot of crap to find one good song (this goes with all Goth electronic bands) but Shiv-r's new album just has track after track of great music. Maybe it's because some of the vocals sound very Mansonish.

This Fix by Shiv-r

Alpha Omega by Shiv-r (this is my favourite)

Hollow Mask by Shiv-r

I remember that they came to Perth once. I did not go to the gig, due to it being run by someone who's done my friend wrong (oh the drama!)
But I remember seeing the singer and his wife the next day while I was waiting for a friend in Perth. They were so cute!! I was very annoyed that guys like him don't exist in Perth. Oh well.

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the fashionate traveller said...

Hiya, goth girl from Sydney here, just found your blog. I'm a mate of Pete and Wendy's - yes, they are awesome! Not sure I'd classify Shiv-r as ebm, but then they are electronic :)

Have to say, I love your hair too!

Natalie said...

I agree that they're electronic. I also think they fit into the EBM catagory.
We'd love to have them back in Perth. My best mate runs a club here, so hopefully she'll get into contact with them :)