Monday, March 28, 2011

A Newer Start

I've tried so hard over the years to make a blog, but it just comes down to me being really lazy. But I've been inspired, yet again. There are lots of really awesome blogs by fat chics like me, and I love to read them. Some of them are alternative, but I've yet to find a fat Goth blogger. That's where I hope to fill the void. I'm trying to become more active in my feminism, and fat acceptance. I'm usually not really good at talking about my feelings, so I hope I can write them down. Enough of the boring stuff. This blog is going to be about me, Natalie, and my fashion. I am a plus sized Goth from Perth Western Australia. I'm starting off with a purchase I made not half an hour ago. A really cute dress from ASOS Curve. Cost, £25 (around $50aud) I don't really shop on Asos, due to lack of funds. But today I looked on the website and this dress was on the front page, at a reasonable price. It is very cute, and I can see myself wearing it with black tights and my winklepickers. I'm hoping that it'll come in time for my friends 22nd birthday in April. And I'll make sure to take a photo of it when I do wear it.