Saturday, February 6, 2016

Home Body

Some of you may be wondering why I haven't posted anything since Halloween last October. Quick explanation is I'm constantly depressed, and everything is an effort. You can skip this mopey post if you like.

Long explanation is that last year I was depressed for most of the year. A lot of times I was suicidal. I currently don't have any real life friends, it's been more than a year that someone has contacted me and asked me to go somewhere with them. I have always been the person who organises any outings, so I decided to see how long it took for my friends to organise to see me. The answer is never.
I spent my birthday alone last year.
I have a few bad times where I was afraid I might hurt myself, but there was no one I could talk to or help me. I have been in therapy for a few years, along with medication, but nothing seems to help. I think I'm too broken to fix, and as a result no one wants to be around me.

I do have a lot of friends online, but I know that everyone has their own life and I don't enjoy talking about my problems which can make other people sad.

The bad thing about not going out, is that I don't have any nice outfit posts to show you guys. So I'm sorry about that.