Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Black Magic Review (One Hand Washes the Other)

Ever since reading a review from Bones and Lilies, I've wanted to try Black Magic from One Hand Washes the Other.
(Also, Karoliina from Bones and Lilies is really beautiful. Please check out her blog)

Black Magic is a face cleanser filled will all types of yummy stuff. It's natural, and supposed to be good for your skin. I really enjoy the scent, which to me is menthol/Tea Tree Oil/Peppermint oil.

Opening the package

Gold paper!!

I got stickers and free samples!!! I didn't really enjoy the scent of the solid perfume samples, but I really liked the stickers.

I bought a solid scent too.

I bought the cream jar, which comes with a little spatula. I first take off my make-up with Neutrogena make-up wipes (these are seriously the best). I then take a little scoop of the cream, and put it on my hand. Then I use my finger to spread it on my face and rub it in/wash it off.

I find that this cleanser does not dry my skin out, I haven't had any flaky icky skin for ages. It also seems to help with my pimples/blackheads. My natural skin type is really oily in case you're curious.

I highly recommend giving this cleanser a go. I will be buying this again!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Perth Tattoo Expo 2013

I visited the Perth Tattoo Expo on Sunday with Haze and her girlfriend Kylie.
My mood has not improved, in fact it has got worse :(

Shirt: Ebay
Skirt: Asos Curve
Winklepickers: Underground Shoes

Most of the tattoo parlors in Australia are owned by bikers, so the expo was full of bogans with mullets and sun damaged tattoos. I did see my tattoo artist, Josh, at his booth. I talked about wanting a David Bowie tattoo, my next appointment is near Christmas.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Stalk me in Europe!

As you may already know, I'm taking a holiday to Europe and the UK in October.
If you live in any of the cities I'm visiting I would love to meet you!

October 4th-8th: I'm in Paris with my best friend Merissa
October 9th-12th: I'm in Rome, travelling by myself from now on.
October 13th-16th: Vienna
October 17th-19th: Berlin
October 20th-Nov 4th: Back in the UK, visiting family in Leicester. Then staying in Manchester with a friend, and going to Whitby for the Goth Weekend!
Nov 5th-11th: London! Staying with Merissa.

I'm really keen on eating schnitzel and bratwurst in Vienna/Berlin. So if any of my readers are in those places, I want to eat some awesome meat!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Emotional Problems

Oh wow. I've been feeling horrible for such a long time. Everything is crushing me and I don't think I can take it much longer. This weekend I really just wanted to hide away in my apartment, but I got invited to go to places.

I took the day off work Friday because I was feeling so down. I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed. Instead, I read a book and then cleaned my apartment. I also freshly shaved my head.
Haze and her girlfriend Kylie invited me out for dinner in the evening. I'm really poor at the moment, but I can still afford to go out with friends.

I look grumpy, because I am
New lace dress from City Chic (it was $100, but then down to $40 on sale)
Winklepickers: Underground Shoes
Glasses: Clearly Contacts

On Saturday, I went to visit my dad and step-mum for Fathers Day (although Fathers Day is on Sunday). I got him a gift card so he can buy himself some DVDs.

Me, Dad, my sisters Kirsty and Heather. Dad and Kirsty wearing Star Wars shirts was unintentional.

Also my Granny!

Saturday night I was invited to a warehouse party which I really was not in the mood for. My friend, Lisa, forced me to come. The party started at midnight, and I actually go to bed at 8:30pm (I'm a nanna) so I was really tired! But at least it was a chance to get dressed up and do my makeup. The night wasn't too bad, I got home around 3am.

New skirt: City Chic (on sale)
Skull shirt: New Look
Jacket: Ebay/DIY
Boots: Ebay
Belt: City Chic