Monday, November 28, 2011

Lipcote Review

I hate it when my lipstick doesn't stay on my face. I'm usually careful, but my perfect lipstick can be ruined by something small. Like drinking or eating.

So I researched online for lip sealers and Lipcote came up as one of the best (apparently). I got a bottle from ebay for around $5 (pretty cheap). It comes in a little glass bottle with a red top. It resembles nail polish, and the colour inside is clear with a yellowish tinge.

The instructions were basically:
- Put on lipstick and lip liner. Blot.
- Paint on Lipcote and let to dry
- Wait for burnyness to stop (it's not too bad though, it only happens for a second or two)
- Repeat if you want.

 So here is how it turned out:

My plain old lips. Don't use any lip balm beforehand, make sure lips are dry.

Outline lips. I'm using black eyeliner because I'm lazy.

Put on lipstick and blot. I'm wearing Cyber by MAC.

Put on Lipcote. OH GOD IT BURNS! Repeat putting on lipstick and blotting and burning.
Lipciote left my lips surprisingly moist, I was worried it would make them dry. My lips had a nice shine to them and everything felt good.

This is at 4am in the morning. After McDonalds, dancing, sweating, lots of water. You can't notice any of the fading if my mouth was closed.

Job well done Lipcote!

Conclusion: I totally recommend this product if you'd like your lipstick to stay for ages without having to buy stayput lipstick. I will be buying this again when I run out.

Pros: Cheap, quick, easy. WORKS!

Cons: A bit of burnyness, but nothing too horrible. Would be worse if I had chapped lips.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


A few months ago I went to AQWA (The West Australian Aquarium) with a friend for her birthday. I hadn't been in ages, so it was nice to see all the sharks again.

 Pretending I'm a shark.

 Real sharks!

 And lots of stingrays too!

 It's coming right for us!

Here is Nikki looking at a Shark.

I'm getting eaten by a croc.


Puffer fish look so silly.

Had lots of fun touching the fish in the touch pool.

On the lookout for pirates!

What I wore. Yay for Adam Ant shirt.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

EBM Grows On You: Part 2

I haven't been updating much lately. I haven't seen most of my friends in a while, and I haven't gone out. But here is some EBM classics to cheer us up!
Here are the previous ones, if you'd like to listen to some more.

Exterminate Annihilate Destroy by Rotersand

Nemesis by VNV Nation

Me by ASP

Corporate Slave by Snog

 Part 1 [here]
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Birthday Bits

I started my sleeve tattoo last Wednesday! I got it done by Josh at Foothills Tattoo. He has done a lot of work on my friend, and I love his art.

The tattoo studio is next to this salon, which reminds me of Earth Girls Are Easy (one of my favourite films)

Behold my fat arm!! Josh drew the design himself. I told him I wanted a sexy librarian with lots of books!
Right now my tattoo is good, but it's in the itchy stage.

I got two cards for my birthday at work! It was so nice! They also bought me a bunch of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (which are not available widely in Australia). I put them in the skull next to the telephone.

 That night my close friends too me out to Sizzler which is ALL YOU CAN EAT! Let me just say, I was glad I was wearing my fat dress :P
This is me and Holly doing our best "Let's eat everything in the damn place because we're fat" faces.

And my other friend made me cupcakes! Awwww...

 This was from last weekend (13th Nov) after I DJed at The Loft. I got a new dress from Yours Clothing. The first one I sent for actually didn't arrive (lost in the mail?) I contacted Yours and they were great about sending a free replacement.

Random pictures from my phone:

Waiting for the train.

From a cemetery I visited.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is this week on Thursday (10th of November)
I'm turning 22. I'm the youngest out of my group of friends, and one of my best friends affectionately calls me 'sprout' (I'm tall than all of them, so it makes me laugh)

Here is a little wishlist:

Cute skull and bat lace curtain. I've noticed they're mainly available in America, those lucky sods.

A David Bowie 'read' poster. Or even better, a David Bowie lifesize cut-out!! (A girl can dream)

A bat t-shirt. Black with grey bats. I really don't suit white.
Although this guy is pretty cute :P

Zombie head cookie jar, from Think Geek.

A Soo Catwoman t-shirt, also in black (I don't know why they don't have black ones on the website, I emailed them but they haven't got back)
(Also, this dude is also pretty cute. What's with cute boys in t-shirts? Probably there just to make me buy them)

But most of all, I'd like to just spend some time with my friends. I love hanging out with them, and they're more like a family than my real family is.

Raine Study 21st Party

On Sunday I went to the Raine Study 21st Party with my sister, Kirsty.

I wore my new dress!

I wore my Winklepickers even though it was rainy. The dress was very nice to wear, it's a bit stretchy so I'm worried it'll get out of shape or fade when it drys in the sun after washing. Also, my step-mum is obsessed with frogs, as you can tell by the garden.

Dress: Target
Belt: Torrid
Cardigan: Torrid
Tights: We Love Colors
Boots: Underground Shoes

 The awesome back of the Torrid cardigan. You can also see how the dress is longer at the back. Only think I don't like about the Torrid cardigan is that the reverse is all in white, you can see the lines of white through the black.

I wanted dramatic makeup. Mac eyeshadow, lipstick in 'Crushed Velvet - Push Up Plum' (Gothiest name ever), Rimmel liquid eyeliner.

Freshly shaved hair and my eyeball hairclip. I also wore skeleton hand earrings.

Cute bird skull necklace from Ebay.

After going to the party I went dancing at the Loft. Great Sunday overall.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tired Feet and Lots of Junk

 Today I went shopping with my friend Dani into Perth. I wore red lipstick, even though I get scared someone will say "You're wearing xmas colours!!"
Just... no...

My Night of the Living Dead shirt is really old. I remember getting it for $60 back when I was in high school (I bugged my dad so much to buy it for me). It was originally a long sleeve men's shirt, which I never wore because it was too hot in summer and too cool for winter. So, I did some DIY and cut the neck and sleeves. I do love this shirt, the only thing is that it's a dark grey instead of black (Oh the horror!)

Lovely picture of Barbara on the back (They're coming to get you, Barbara!)
Other items of clothing:
Skirt- Target
Tights- We Love Colors
Boots- Dr. Martens
Bangles- Evans

I was going to wear my Underground Winklepickers, but it was raining and they are open at the front. The weather has been very strange at the moment, last week was all sunny and around 30 degrees. I actually took out my parasol so I didn't get burnt on the way to work.
Then the last few days have been rainy and thunderstorms. I had to find my umbrella amongst all my black clothes (it was at the bottom of course)

 Here is me and Dani looking uber cool.

 I did a crap load of shopping. I got a small sunscreen for my bag, one for my face. I got Bepanthen for my tattoo which I will be getting this Wednesday (used to cover the tattoo and heal it)

 Also new cosmetics. Australis stayput pencil liner, Rimmel liquid eyeliner, Rimmel face powder (for handbag), and a Rimmel jet black eyeshadow (it was buy 2 get 1 free at the shop)

 I also got a Monster High doll! I really like them, but I won't be getting them all. I already have a Ghoulia Yelps doll from a while back when they first came out here. My friend Dani loves these so much, she also has a talent for customising them. Making piercings and clothing for them, it's really awesome!

 I could not resist buying this shirt. It was $10, so I got one for both me and Dani. It's a 'one size fits all' (except fat girls) so I'm going to cut into the back and make it a bit bigger.

I also got this really cute dress from Target. I don't usually shop there because the plus size selection is so frumpy, but it's good to check because they sometimes have gems like this. Also, I HATE their plus size tights range (as I have written a post about it).
This dress is nice though, it's shorter at the front and longer at the back with crochet at the bottom. It's a cotton dress, which will stretch but I still got a size larger just in case. The only problem with it is the sleeves, I hate sleeveless items and I'll be wearing a cardigan with this.

EBM Grows On You: Part 1

I used to hate EBM with a passion. I'd shudder and groan at the club when it was played, wishing they'd put on some Siouxsie instead.
I listened to only trad goth bands. Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, etc. I thought EBM and Industrial music was a waste of time...
Then it grew on me...
I started liking certain EBM songs at the club. I wouldn't dance to them, but my foot wouldn't stop tapping.

It's generally a joke amongst my friends that I'm an 'elitist' goth because I only liked trad goth. They liked lots of EBM and dance type music, which slowly got me into it.

Now days I'm right on the dance floor with them when a EBM song is played.
I know some of you might be the same as me, hating EBM. So I thought I'd show you a few songs I really enjoy so you can slowly get into it too. Some of the songs aren't considered EBM, but they're different from trad goth.
Most of these are generally considered club classics, so you'll most likely hear them at the clubs you go to.

Once In A Lifetime by Wolfsheim

My World by Colony 5

Call The Ships To Port by Covenant

Part 1 [here]
Part 2 [here]
Part 3 [here]
Part 4 [here]

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Extra Halloween

I have a few photos that I keep forgetting to upload, so here they are.
The above photo was taken at Club Unknown where me and my friend were helping set up decorations. I was so excited to see Bela Lugosi! I wanted to steal the cut out.

Also another story: I had put up my hawk early in the day and caught the train to the club. Lots of people laughing at me and general staring people, it's not too bad when I'm listening to music but it really sucks.
I got off the train and started walking, when a guy stopped me. He was a foreign student come to Perth to learn English and he thought I was beautiful!
He asked for a photo, which I let him take, and he kept on saying how beautiful I was. It kinda made up for the general crappiness on the train.

 I bought a hat the other day for $10. I don't wear hats, but I really want one of those awesome 80s hats (like Boy George wears) I saw this at the discount area and I thought a $10 hat was too good to pass up.

 Me in the hat!

 Also found some Halloween decorations while shopping. These are window stickers, I've already put up a skeleton and spiderweb.

 Wall decorations, featuring bats!

Twisties brand of chips came out with ghost chips! I never figured out what 'spookily flovoured' meant, but the little ghost shapes were cute. I bought two packets, and they didn't taste too bad.

 There were also Halloween candle holders at Dusk. One featured a witch and tombstones.

 The other had bats and a vampire face. Glad I bought these, because that night the power went out!

 A woman had driven her car into the power pole which snapped in half and smashed her car. There had to block off the streets. Lots of police, firetrucks, and ambulances. The whole street came out wearing their pyjamas to see the fire fighters working to free the woman (she was okay and got carted off the the ambulance)

We had no power for two days though :(

Finally, this is the jack-o-lantern that I made for Halloween. I've been doing it for years, but I'm not very good at making it neat and tidy.