Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Australian Native

This past weekend my parents and I visited Zanthorrea Nursery, which specialises in Australian native plants.
I love plants, and now that I have a backyard (aka sand pit) I can start to plan a garden. I personally love cottage flowers, but they don't do well in the Australian sun, and my little house gets a lot of sun.

They had a few cute sculptures around, plus a chicken coop and a garden dog. He was an old boarder collie :)

I'm not wearing any makeup, only sunscreen. I'm trying to have no makeup on the weekends, so I can give my face a rest. I'll only put some on if I'm going somewhere important.
My parasol was very welcome on the day, as although it's now Autumn the sun is still dangerous.

I'll hopefully do a post about my new house in the future. I'm still unpacking!