Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I finally got a new laptop and set up a broadband service. My old laptop is really, really crap. It's slow and overheats so I have to aim a fan at it (yes, even now in Winter).
My internet connect was really crap before, I had a wireless dongle which should have worked in my area by didn't. Now I have a naked modem connection. It will be great to have an internet connection that doesn't drop out every minute.

Does this mean I'll be updating more? I hope so! My new laptop/internet means that I'll be able to upload stuff at home (I used to do it at work, sneaky).

Cats @ The Regal Theatre

A little while ago I went to see the theatre production Cats at the Regal Theatre. I went by myself and got a great seat in the middle, six rows from the front.
It's always been a dream of mine to see Cats. I taped it off of TV when I was young, and watched it over and over. Sadly, I came from such a poor family that it was impossible for us to go to the theatre. Especially to see something as great as Cats.
Now, I'm a independent woman with my own money so I can spend it where I want!

Cats was everything I wanted it to be. The costumes were lovely, in a 1940s style. The music was wonderful! It was such a dream come true that I might of been fighting tears at the start ;)

The Regal Theatre is in Subiaco, the suburb where I grew up. It used to be a great place, filled with lots of art. It has really gone downhill in the last few years. When I was a kid, there were two great markets next to the railway station, and now there is only a fruit market :(
I hate when markets close!

Jacket: Lady Bryant (gifted from Franny)
Shirt: Ebay purchase
Skirt: Evans

Lovely brooch that I got from Leicester, UK while I was there in 2010. 

I'm still wearing my walking boot. It's actually falling apart because I walk too much. I hope that I'll get it off next week when I visit the hospital.

Monday, July 15, 2013

MoMA and Egypt Exhibit

This weekend was a busy one!

On Saturday, I took my dad to the art gallery to see the new MoMA exhibit. It was a treat for his birthday.

Lots of photos after the page break

Junee and Monte Cristo

It's been a week since I went to Wagga Wagga to go to Charles Sturt University. My laptop computer and internet connection at home is THE WORST! I'm trying to fix my internet and get a new computer, because I'm getting really annoyed not being able to upload anything. I'm writing this at work (naughty, naughty).

Anyway, I visited Wagga Wagga to attend CSU resident school for my Bachelor of Information Studies course. This was basically a compulsory unit that introduces you to the university, and you get to meet fellow students. I'm doing this course part-time by distance education, that means all of my studies will be online.

I flew from Perth to Sydney, and then took a train from Sydney to Junee where Monte Cristo is located. I've always wanted to visit Monte Cristo, ever since I was young. It's reputed to be the most haunted house in Australia. I didn't see any ghosts, but it is a very beautiful house.

Lots of photos after the page break!

Perth Sunrise

Here is the pretty sunrise this morning, as I was walking to the train station. Click on the photo for a bigger picture!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Bat-Cave Mailorder

Bat-cave Mailorder offers lots of obscure band t-shirts. I placed an order in March and I've only just received it!! The shop is from Poland, and I know that Poland mail is very slow (I have a pen-pal from Poland, and our correspondence usually takes a while).
One thing I don't like about this shop is the lack of communication. I've send three e-mails to the store, asking where my order was and I did not receive a reply!
I seriously don't care that my order took 3/4 months to arrive, but having no communication is really rude and unprofessional. I had no idea if my order had been sent, or if I had wasted $50.

I purchased shirts featuring Siglo XX, Xray Spex, and Danse Society. The quality of the screen print doesn't seem to be 100%, but I guess only time can tell. I'm a bit worried about the print peeling off.

Overall, I'm a bit disappointed in this shop. The lack of communication was a deal breaker for me.

UPDATE 14/04/14: It's been a while since I got my shirts. I've washed them a few times, and they're holding up well. They're also still nice and soft. I'll take back my old review and say that the shirts a okay quality. It's the long shipping time that you have to watch out for, but I guess it's coming from Poland so it'll take a long time.