Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sushi Train

Last night I had dinner with a friend. We has sushi train, which is always fun (although expensive). I don't like fish sushi, I usually go with chicken. We also had BBQ pork buns!

I wore a shirt tucked into a short skit, and a cardigan because it's finally getting colder.
Shirt: Ebay
Skirt: Ebay
Cardigan: BigW

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rome Day 3: The Vatican

I booked a Vatican tour through my travel agent before I left Australia. It was a three hour English speaking tour through the company Enjoy Rome.
I've said before, I don't enjoy group tours. It's not something that I can place, but I guess maybe I don't enjoy being around people that I don't know.
I think a tour is a good idea for the Vatican, because there is so much to look at. It would take more than a day to look at everything, and a tour group focuses on the more interesting things.
This tour skipped the main line for the Vatican, which is good because the main line was very long.

Rome Day 2: Rome Crime Museum and Capuchin Crypt

I woke up nice and early to visit the Rome Museum of Criminology before joining a crypt tour in the afternoon.

The Crime Museum was really close to my hostel, just across the river (Here is the article in Atlas Obscura). It was only 2euros and I highly recommend a visit. I was the only one there, totally awesome to get away from the tourists.

The museum is housed at the back of an old police station and features reproduction and real items from crimes in Italy. The items are have Italian descriptions, some with a translation into English. It's hard for me to describe all of the items, some are from real crimes and others are about dealing with criminals. Hopefully my photos will help!

Lazy Fremantle Sunday

Last Sunday, my two little sisters and I headed to Fremantle. I wanted to get some more incense (8 for $5) we also checked out some second hand stores and had lunch. It was a warm sunny day, but there was a nice breeze coming from the ocean.

Me and my youngest sister, Heather

My clothes:
Dress: Evans
Tights: We Love Colors
Winklepickers: Underground Shoes

We also took photos at Timezone!

After Fremantle we headed back to my apartment to dye Heathers hair from orange to blonde. It turned out really well!
I had a lovely time with my sisters, it's great catching up with them and having a laugh.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sculptures By The Sea

My sister, Kirsty, and I went to see Sculptures By The Sea which is on every year at Cottesloe Beach. It's a collection of art pieces on the beach, and my sister was very excited to see the giant goon bag. It was a sunny day so I made sure to bring my parasol. It's always sunny in Perth!
The sculptures were interesting, although some were a bit strange. That's modern art for you!
There was a great sculpture with a mirror finish, a Magpie lark was strutting around in front of it looking at his reflection :)

I'm pretty sure the building in the background is the Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club building.

Kirsty with the giant goon bag. "Goon bag" is the Australian term for the silver bag that comes in a box of cheap wine.

Creepy Barbie doll sculpture

Fish and chips!