Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday I'm In Love

I hope that you have an awesome weekend!

Being Boiled by The Human League

Jumping Someone Else's Train by The Cure

A Girl Like You by Edwyn Collins

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wisdom Teeth

I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed a little over two weeks ago, on a Friday. I had noticed a hole in one of my wisdom teeth, so I went to the dentist who confirmed the hole and suggested I have my wisdom teeth removed. I decided to have them all done at once, to save on money.
Plus, the bottom ones were growing sideways.

So, I booked the dentist and anesthesiologist. I had to cancel a tattoo appointment and use the money for my teeth instead of a nice tattoo :(
We have public health care here in Australia, but decided not to go the public route because it take a long time to get looked at. I didn't know if the hole in my tooth would start hurting, so I got them done via the dentist, bypassing the public health system. I also have private health, which paid for $500 of my surgery.
I'm not a fan of the dentist, but luckily I found a nice female dentist that runs from a practice inside the Perth train station.

My sister, Kirsty, took some time off work to take me to the dentist and take me home after. What would I do without her!?
I wasn't really nervous, I started to get worried while I was in the chair but I knew I was in the hands of professionals. This was the first time I had ever been put under by IV sedation, or any sedation for that matter. Once the needle was in my hand the man told me I would start feeling sleepy, I thought to myself "oh man, I don't feel sleepy at all!"
THEN BOOM! I woke up an hour later.

I wasn't really groggy, it just felt like I had a nap. They told me the surgery went fine and I got put in a wheelchair to the waiting area to pay. I also got scripts for painkillers, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotics. This was the first time I've ever had antibiotics!
My sister was given a bunch of instructions, gauze for bleeding and my teeth (which I wanted to keep). Then off I went home.

My mouth was all numb, and I wanted to drink straight away which was hard because I couldn't feel anything. I was also really cold, so I got into warm clothes once I got home. I also attempted to eat a banana, because I had to fast for 6 hours before the surgery.

My mouth started to hurt really badly once the numbing wore off, but I took some painkillers and went to bed. Over the course of the healing there wasn't very much pain, I've had worse in my life. I had the surgery on Friday, so I had Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to let the swelling go down (I got a doctors note for Monday and Tuesday, and took time off work).
The swelling was really bad on Saturday (the morning after) but it went down over the week. I have a little bit of bruising on my jaw too, but not too badly. I had to eat lots of soup, because I couldn't eat chewy things. Luckily, soup was on special for $1.50 from the grocery store (and I also like soup).

Last Friday I had my stitches removed, and the dentist said that I healed up quickly. I'm back to normal now, and I can eat interesting food again (I had pizza!).

Here's me with a numb mouth trying to drink out of a crazy straw.

My wisdom teeth. You can see the big hole on the top left tooth!
The other two teeth are in fragments because they have to cut through the teeth/jaw to remove them properly.

The morning after surgery, chipmunk face!!