Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday Wants

Yes, I'm late again. I've been reading a book instead of going online to update this blog. So here I am now, doing it at work. Making sure I don't get seen.

Black Stud Punk Rock Gothic Tote Shoulder Bag. Ebay, $32.99usd. I've told you that my Ironfist Zombie bag is dying, so I was thinking about buying one of these as a replacement. Or I'll just get another Ironfist bag.

Black Crochet Cover Up. Yours Clothing, £28.00. I'm a fan of these lace and crochet cover ups. I've realised how awesome they looks teamed up with my lace shirts. Sadly this one has an ugly flower right in the middle of it.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's In My Bag

No Wednesday Want this week, instead you can see what's in my bag. I've always wanted to do this, but never had the chance seeing as I never owned a handbag.

Here we have my Ironfist Zombie Chomper handbag. It's actually dying a little bit, I think the handles are going to snap off one day. I still really like this handbag though. You'll see how much I can keep in it. The front has two pockets.

On the side of my bag is my Pokewalker and a Pikachu charm.

A glimpse inside my bag. You can see a small pocket on the inside.

 Black classic ipod, Sony headphones and my Smartrider (for the bus/train). They sit in my front pocket. Because I used public transportation all the time I have my smartrider here, so I know where it is and I don't have to go digging in my bag for it.
My ipod slips into the pocket too, while I wear my headphones. When I'm not using them (like at work) they go into the main part of the bag because the headphones don't fold up (only thing I don't like about them).
These Sony headphones are great! I used to have Skullcandy, but they kept dying on me and the Australian warranty email doesn't work. So they lost themselves a customer.
Not sure if you can see, but my ipod shows me listening to David Bowie.

 In the other pocket is a bunch of tissues. I seriously love tissues, so useful!

This is in the secret pocket inside of the bag. I have (from top left) blotting paper. A sanitary napkin (I don't like tampons. TMI?) a handkerchief, a new pack of Extra gum, a small pack of Extra gum, some Nurofen

Inside my bag I have two books. One's a plain notebook for writing random stuff. The other is a calender/diary.

Found this in my diary. It's to help choose a font for my Elitist tattoo.

Here I have (from top left): A grey glasses case usually holding my sunglasses, my reading glasses case (They're new!), a delivery slip from the UPS guy who decided to put the package in the metre box instead, my spiderweb coin purse.

A random fan that was left in my bag from dancing at the Loft. Yes, I dance with a fan, because it gets bloody hot when you dance for 5 songs straight. Also it looks really cool.
My red skull wallet, nothing very interesting.

A mirror in an ugly blue case. My sunglasses I got for $3 at a Op Shop. Dettol hand sanitiser. Some breath mints. Pack of nail files with skull, hearts and checks.

My I.D. card for work (I blacked out most of my name). A Nintendo DS (currently playing Pokemon Black). Nivea lipbalm (Love this stuff, I can't stand flavoured lipbalm). Two pens.

 An umbrella that lives in the bottom of my bag.

My new phone, with a David Bowie screen saver.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Christmas Creep- Consumerist

I'm an avid reader of the website The Consumerist. So when I saw some christmas decorations in Perth the other day I knew I had to take a photo and send it in.

Guess who's story is on the website now?


The figure you see reflected in the window is my friend Dani. We were searching for Halloween items, and found Christmas stuff instead :(

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Undergound Boots- Review

I now own two pairs of winklepickers from Underground Boots: I have the Cuban Heel Beat Boot and the Bogart boot.
This is my review of the Bogart boot.

Ever since I was a baby bat, I've always wanted a pair of winklepickers. I loved the buckles and the pointy toes. It's only been recently that I've earned enough money to buy a pair from the UK.
I was actually a bit worried about buying these, because my calves are big and I was scared they wouldn't fit around them. Thankfully they're not too bad, the straps are leather so I could stretch them a little bit.

 The inside of the boot has a cute map of the Camden area of London. The leather is really nice and supple, it doesn't take too much to break them in.
I have polished them once, and the gloss has held up nicely. The shoes aren't too tall, and reach about mid calf on me.

 The shoes are really comfy, and my wide feet fit perfectly in the boot. They take awhile to get on, because there are no zips so you have to buckle them whenever you wear them. I enjoy that because it gives a nice authentic design to them.
I love the pointy toes, and how the heels make a clipping noise when I walk.

The only cons are the price, and the fact you will have to go to the cobblers to get a new sole put on. The sole is a smooth plastic makes you slip on any surface. As you can see in the above photo, I've gotten them re-soled at my local cobblers. The heel is okay, but you'll need to get a half sole for the other part. That adds extra cost, and I wish that the company would put a really good sole on this so it's ready for dancing straight away.

Overall, I think they're a great pair of winklepickers. I'm glad I got them, even though I was a bit worried to begin with. Sometimes it's hard to figure out your size when they only have an online identity in your country. I was lucky to be able to check my size on a pair in the UK.
They're a great shoe for dancing, and it's only after a long time that my feet begin to hurt a bit. I highly recommend Underground Shoes if you want some really cool winklepickers.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Wants and What I Wore

Yes! I combined Wednesday Wants and What I Wore, because I'm lazy. I've had a crappy cold recently. Actually, it's not been the worst cold I've had and I'm very lucky that I only get about three or four a year.

Two things that I want this week:
Evans black spot mesh tunic. Evans, £29.50. Very cute, there are lots of tunics on Evans at the moment and I wonder if they're long enough for me to wear as a dress. Seeing as I'm tall, I don't think it'll work :P

Evans black lace prom dress. Evans, £49.50. Why can't they put sleeves on it? It would be so much nicer if it had some pretty sleeves. I also think it would be better to have a mannequin that actually has boobs, so we can see what it would look like.

Now onto what I wore!
I think I mentioned going to Devilles in Perth on Friday. They had a one off night called 'Batcave' and Goths got in free! With the promise of traditional Goth music, how could I pass it up? Here's what I wore:
 I think my outfit turned out really nice!!
Lace undershirt: from an ex-friend
Black top: from Camden markets in the UK (£10)
Corset: Minx corsetry
Skirt: New! From Ebay (America)
Tights: We Love Colors
Boots: Demonia
Bangles: Evans
Fan: Fremantle E-Shed Markets
Necklace: Rosary (from New Norcia) Velvet choker (Ebay UK)

Yes, a new skirt. I wore it to work once, but I think it works much better as a going out goth skirt. It's a fine mesh in panels with a black underskirt, it's really swishy when I dance.

This is one of my best friends. We've always planned to shave our heads together and she took the plunge before me! So I had to catch up and do mine too. We freshly shaved our heads before going out :P it's nice that I can do that with a friend. She's seriously le smex, and she's my role model!

 You can see our shaved noggins' here.

Here is a bit of a closeup of my makeup. Taken on my phone, I really love the effects as you can tell. You can better see my choker which has a spiderweb pendant. I made this nose chain myself.
I was a bit disappointed by the event. There was not enough Goth music, and they only played the popular stuff. My and my friend played 'spot the flannel shirt' because this club lets in lots of normal people.

Here is what I wore to the Loft on Sunday the 11th:
You might notice the hair colour change! My friends came over on Saturday and we bleached/dyed my hair to a darker green. It's turned out pretty well.
Dress: City Chic
Fishnet top: DIY
Necklaces: Long beads (Ebay) Batnecklace (Halloween bin)
Belt: Yours Clothing
Bag: Ironfist
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Underground Boots

This dress has pockets! I'm not actually a fan of how it looks, but I do know my arse looks good in it.

 I will be doing a review of Undergound Shoes because I have two pairs of them now. I have four pairs of winklepickers now :P
In this photo you can also see the comfort shorts I wear, which I get from Evans. I seriously love them and I've bought 5 pairs while they were in stock/season.

 Nix and Me.

Taken on my spiffy phone. I was very lazy with makeup. Just foundation, eyeliner and shadow. You can also see how my hair is darker.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday Wants

Yep, I'm a terrible person. I didn't upload a Wednesday Want last week, but I've been so tired lately. I'm seriously not getting enough sleep :(

First off, I was looking at my blog stats today and found that a few sites had linked to my blog! I was so surprised. First off is the brilliant Ultimate Goth Guide, which has featured my blog a few times. Go and look at that blog, because it is really awesome.
Second is Le Professeur Gothique. I actually have no idea where I'm mentioned on there, but I've only just found that blog. It seems very interesting, being about Goth professionals, and their fashion. I'm going to have a read, and you should too! Some very nice outfits there, it makes me think I should post some of my clothes I wear to work too.

I've realised I should really keep a list of blogs I read, so that I can go back to see what's been updated :P

Second bit of news. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the week. On Friday I get to visit New Norcia for a library conference. New Norcia is Australia's only monastic town, with awesome Spanish architecture. We get to go an look at the monks private libraries *squee!*
Then on Friday night I get to go out dancing!! There's a place in Perth called Devilles, I've never been before but I know the decor is very awesome. They're having a Batcave night on Friday, so me and one of my best friends are going to go. I'll try to take pictures of our outfits!

Okay, and now for the long awaited Wednesday Wants (my friend has been bugging me because I didn't post last week)

 Victoriana Wrap. City Chic, $79.95aud. I really dislike City Chic for being so expensive, that's one of the reasons I don't like shopping there. This item is meant for the 'bedroom' but I saw it in store and I would totally wear it over a plain dress along with a corset. Just look at that awesome fake bustle/ruffles on the bum!

Military Shirt Dress. City Chic, $119.95aud. I also saw this in store, then I looked at the price tag. Whenever I'm touching an overpriced item, I drop it like a hot coal and want to get away as fast as I can. Just in case some freak accident happens and I have to pay for it.

Dark Star Black Velvet and Cotton Dress. Dark Star, $46.99usd? A nice simple dress. I'm really crazy about dresses at the moment. Summer is coming to Aus, so I will probably be wearing a crap load of dresses. This would be nice with a corset, or maybe just a belt for picnics.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The LOFT: What we do

Just to show you what I wore to the Loft last weekend.
I left my mohawk up from going to Fremantle. Wearing my 'Cyber' Mac lipstick, and Mac eyeliner.

My necklaces, featuring my Deathly Hallows necklace :)

 Lace undershirt: Gift from ex-friend (from an op shop)
Lace overshirt: New Look (Inspire)
Skirt: Op Shop ($3)
Tights: We Love Colors
Boots: New Rocks

I have got a new camera, but my hallways still has heaps of dust. Less intelligent people would think these are 'orbs'.

 I got a new phone too! I've been playing around with the awesome retro photo apps. I'm not one to buy new things often, but I needed a new camera and phone. It's make me very happy ^_^


Lavender from the Shenton Park train station. Taken on my phone. I've already told you how much I love Lavender.

I had the day off today to go to the Raine StudyThe Raine Study is a research project to gather information about health, and sets averages for my age group (I've been in it since before I was born)
Anyways, today I did eye tests and got a DEXA scan. Here is my awesome skeleton!!

Fremantle with Dani

Me and my friend Dani went to Fremantle on the 3rd. Fremantle is less than an hour away from Perth, and I love it. It's full of historical buildings from when Perth was a colonial town. It's a harbour town, right next to the beach. Cruise ships and Army ships regularly dock there.
There is a lot of limestone there, and many of the buildings were built using convict labour.

We caught the train, which takes about an hour. The Fremantle train line goes past Karrakatta Cemetery, so there's always something to look out for :P Also there's a lot of photos, so it might take awhile to load.

Here is my pretty friend, Dani.

On the train, looking at the ocean.

When I was a kid I always thought this was a rocking horse.

The harbour at Fremantle, where there are heaps of ships. It's always fun to go over here on the train.
Super hungry, so we got food straight away. Nom nom nom.
We headed over to the Fremantle markets, which are my favourite markets in the Perth area.

Here they sell heaps of stuff. I mainly get Scottish Tablet, which is so yummy. It's handmade and I can only find it in Freo.
Plus the cheap incense. I love incense, but if I burn too much I get a sore throat :P
I also got some Lavender oil for my oil burner. I really, really love Lavender.

Me and Dani always go to Timezone to get our photo taken. My room is full of these photos of us.
In these, my hair blended into the background because of the green screen :P

Timezone is a arcade full of games. You put money on your Timezone card and play whichever games you want. You can earn points to buy prizes. I only have a Timezone card for photobooths, so I was surprised to find I had enough points to get these disco balls. One for Dani and one for me.
I actually only had enough points for one ball, but the dude behind the counter was really nice and gave me one for free!
Oh yeah, and I put my hair in a mohawk ^_^

Dani in a shop. On a quest to find her new ear plugs. Look at all the overpriced shirts!

We were both laughing at the mass produced/overpriced 'Goth' stuff.

Here is what I wore! Dani kept taking angled shots, so it's not my fault!
Cardigan: New Look (Inspire)
Zombie Shirt: Shop in Manchester (UK)
Skirt: Op Shop ($3)
Tights: We Love Colors
Boots: Dr. Marten
Zombie Bag: Iron Fist.
Rosary necklace: $2 shop (ages ago)

I have no idea what clothes Dani wore.

I think my hohawk turned out okay. I was going to do a death hawk, but I really wanted to try a mohawk for once.

The Fremantle City Hall. I've always loved the freaky looking swan statues on the building.

We went to Dome for dessert. Here is Dani's Demonia coffin bag.

Dani, dreading the task ahead.

Nom nom nom. I had a cup of tea and a bit of cake. Dani had a iced chocolate.

On the train home, we were so tired.

Also, Dani found some good ear plugs!