Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ross Campbell, a Spotlight on

Ross Campbell is a comic book artist and writer. I picked up his comic, The Abandoned, which follows a group of friends at the start of a zombie apocalypse. Sadly, the comic wasn't continued so I didn't get to find out what happened to the characters.

But I loved Ross's artwork. He draws lots of curvy girls with awesome fashion sense. I did a little research and found he had other comics.
I bought Water Baby, which follows a girl trying to find her life after having her leg bitten off by a shark. It's only a one off story, but a really good read non the less.

Then I found Wet Moon. This is a continuing series about a group of friends. There isn't an overall plot at the moment (not that I can see anyway) but there are many different stories with each character. I loved how there is something new to learn in each comic.

Ross's artwork in Wet Moon has changed drastically over each comic. Different features get changed and one of the characters put on weight! I loved all of this! They each have their own quirks and different fashions.

I'm such a fan girl that I even got feet tattoos that matched Fern from Wet Moon (then I got creepy emails from foot fetish guys *shudder*)

Lastly is his new comic Shadoweyes, which is set in a future city. Scout is a vigilante who get injured during a fight. After she recovers she finds out she's changing into a strange creature with superhero abilities.
Visit his website [here]
Visit his deviantart page [here]

Goth Tip #3

Do your makeup before doing your hair. When you spray your hair, spray a little on your face. The hairspray helps keep makeup in place.

Don't use too much though, or you'll get a shiney face.

Friday, March 30, 2012


I'm going to take a little break. Blogger is telling me that I've gone over my image limit, and I need to figure out a solution to this without spending any money. Anyone know a good idea?

When I come back you'll get these posts:

- Adam Ant in Perth (Heck YEAH!!)
- Going to see Mary Poppins at the theatre
- A review about Dr. Martens

Friday, March 23, 2012

EBM Grows On You: Part 4

Today I'm going to show you a few Synth songs.

Join In The Chant by Nitzer Ebb

The Model by Kraftwerk

Headhunter by Front 242

Mr. T by Sturm Cafe

I heard about Sturm Cafe from my mate Merissa. She was playing their album "So Seelisch, So Schön!" in the car, and it was so catchy I had to download it.
You can download it online for around $7 through this website (search for Sturm Cafe, and So Seelisch So Schon should be in the list)

Part 1 [here]
Part 2 [here]
Part 3 [here]
Part 4 [here]

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Weekend That Was...

This post took ages, due to Blogger telling me that I had gone over my photo limit :(

I had a very busy weekend. First off, I DJed at Club Unknown.

Fishnet top: Made from tights
Black singlet
Corset: Ebay
Skirt: Yours Clothing
Epic Belt: Ebay
Shoes: Demonia

On Sunday night we had a David Bowie tribute night at the Loft. I was so lucky to DJ, I love Bowie :)

Top: Hot Topic, gift from friend (this was a womens XL so I had to cut it up)
Skirt: Target
Boots: Demonia

Check out all the glitter!! Everyone loved my lips, and lots of girls asked where I got my lipstick from. It's not lipstick! :)
I just used eyelash glue on my lips and stuck on hologram glitter.

I kept my hair up from the night before.

Yay for Bowie!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Work Clothes

I'm very lucky enough to work in a job where they don't care what I wear. I still wear clothes that are office appropriate, and I feel really strange when I go casual. My makeup is very plain (for me). I wear my foundation, powder, liquid eyeline, eyeshadow. I colour my eyebrows in with black liner pencil (only because my eyebrows are very light)

Here is my outfit from Monday:

Very casual. About as casual as I will go. Can you believe I got this Bauhaus shirt for $2 on ebay?
I'm wearing a pencil skirt from City Chic and patent leather boots from ebay ($40)
Also, my arse looks great in this skirt.

Here's my outfit for today (Tuesday):

Usually I wear my tops over my skirts, but I thought I would try tucking with a belt. I love this shirt, which I got from Target. They had it in red and I was sad that they didn't have black, then I was browsing through the shirts and found a black one!! I was so happy! It has lace on the shoulders and part of the back, so my tattoos peek out. I also love the pussy bow (don't you love saying that word?)
The skirt is from Evans, fishnets from Kmart and boots are Dr. Martens

The strangest thing though, is that I didn't get to wear this outfit to work! I got to the train station and there were no trains running. I waited around for an hour and a half and there was an announcement saying that trains on all lines were delayed or cancelled. There were bus replacements, but I can imagine that being a nightmare. So I called in sick :P
Instead I went to get some groceries and had a hot chocolate and Tim Tam cake. I came home and made a meal in my slow cooker and painted my nails. Good day overall.
I feel sorry for the people stuck in the trains.

Le Professeur Gothique's Monthly Homework Assignment: India

Le Professeur Gothique's theme this month is India! Yay! I love Indian things, especially silver Indian jewelry. I love bracelets with little bells and bindis! I always have a stock of incense (my favourite is currently Tree of Life) and I have a large Kali wall hanging.

I got this nose chain while in Leicester, it was originally a bracelet. I usually have a sleeper in my nose, so I can connect my chain, but I've recently had the other side of my nose pierced and my piercer wanted the jewelery to look the same. She changed them to closed rings, so I can't wear nose chains until she gets some special jewelry in for me. I just kind of poked the chain through my ring, because I want only taking photos and not dancing :)

I'm wearing two bracelets. One is actually an anklet, but I have fat ankles :(
The only thing I hate about little bells is that they get caught while dancing and I arrive home from the club with less bells than I started out with.
I don't think my head thing is very Indian, I bought it in Manchester. I've never actually worn it anywhere because I don't know if it's a necklace or something else!

Channeling Theda Bara.

Now for a short little history about the nose piercing. Nose piercing was brought to India from the Middle East in the 16th century. It is thought that the nose is related to the female reproductive organs and getting it pierced would make you more fertile and childbirth more easy (in that case, watch out future boyfriend!).
The thing I love best about Indian jewelry is the nose chains, which are worn primarily at weddings. The Indian nose ring is called a Nath. Chains connect the Nath to the hair.

I'd love to get a Nath with chain, but it's hard to find in silver!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

Wow! I got nominated twice for this award. Thanks to Le Professeur Gothique and Coffin Kitsch!

First off, I have to write seven things about myself and then tag 15 blogs that I love. It's so nice to be part of the Goth blogging community, I didn't know such a thing existed nor that I would be welcomed to fully :)

Seven things about me!:

1. I have a British passport and an Australian one. My dad is from Leicester in the UK, and I spent a year there in 2010 (might be heading back to the UK in 2013, give me a yell if you want to be stalked by me!)
2. I became a babybat when there was limited Internet access (let alone plus size goth clothing). Thus, the reason why I DIY.
3. My father is very accepting of the way I am. He's happy because I have finished my education and now have a great job. My mother is a different story, as I haven't spoken to her in years.
4. I have a hiccup that sounds like a mouse. My coworkers laugh so much at me for this :P
5. I have never drunk alcohol (nor will I ever). I am also anti-drug. I survive my nights dancing by drinking water.
6. 22 years old and never been kissed. Woe is me.
7. I always wanted to do something arty with my career, but there aren't many jobs in the arts. I thought of what I liked to do and chose to become a Library Technician. I never went to University because I'm too poor/not smart enough. I can do more training to become a Librarian, but I enjoy where I am at the moment. A Library Technician is basically one step lower than a Librarian, we just don't do manager roles. I'm currently in charge of journals at a Perth University. I work in a secret staff area that is blocked from the students (yay) and it's always wonderfully air conditioned.

Okay, now for the blogs, I only listed 12 -_-;; I'm going to list them and why I love them. I wish I could meet everyone of these women, I think we'd get along:

Le Professeur Gothique: You're seriously one awesome girl! I love all your clothes and reading about your adventures in New York. You're such a strong person, definitely someone I look up to.

Coffin Kitsch: I only started reading you blog not long ago (crazy, right?!) and I immediately wanted to know you! I read the whole backlog of your blog! I love seeing your lovely hair, and how ooky spooky you are.

Stripey Tights and Dark Delights: Formerly, Ultimate Goth Guide. Amy, you've done so much for the Goth community. Seriously, this is the most well written encyclopedia of Goth. When I first read your blog I thought you were my age, imagine my surprise! You're very mature and I'd love to meet you one day.

Sophistique Noir: I can never get over how lovely your outfits are! Your makeup is always wonderful and I love how your photos look so good. Keep up the work :)

The Gothic Two-Step: Ah, a lady after my own heart. I can imagine us sitting in the corner of a club being Uber Goth. Your love that your makeup looks dark and perfect!

Bethezda's Preoccupations: Yours is another blog that I haven't read until recently. I really love your makeup. You have nice smooth skin that I wish to have (creepy, no?) I love your reviews of products, and you can pull off the colour that I can't.

Siouxsie Law: THE Blog for awesome Goth legal news. This is a blog I check everyday because I love to the alternative news. I also love that Goths can be in so many interesting professions (although Law Libraries can be a pain :P)

Goth It Yourself: I love seeing the before and after shots of your house! I love the idea of doing all the DIY yourself, and admire your strength. Can't wait to see when it's all finished

Gothically Yours: I really enjoy reading the posts about your life and your outfits! You've very uber cute ^_^

Juliet's Lace: So many awesome posts to read! Love your ideas and your writing.

The Wulrus Room: I enjoy all your informative posts, and I have read your entire backlog. Keep being brilliant!

Sincerly, Boots: Super love your blog, keep posting!! :)

Some Quick Fat

As you know, I'm fat. I don't have a problem about this, although it seems that almost everyone else does.
It really helps me to get some inspiration once in a while to keep being confident. Here is some thing I've been looking at today (while dying in 40 degree heat, where the hell is Autumn?!)

Fat Body (In)visible is a great little documentary. I don't know if you can find it to watch online, but here is the trailer:

The Fat Body (In)visible from Margitte Kristjansson on Vimeo.

Tess Munster. MY GOD! She's is so uber cute! I found her via Domino Dollhouse (looking forward to seeing their new spring collection)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Different Outfits

Here are two of my outfits I wore recently:

Return of the Living Dead Shirt: Ebay
Skirt: Ebay
Boots: Dr. Marten
Bag: Iron Fist

Here I am at the Hyde Park Fair with some ponies!

Night of the Living Dead shirt: Comic book shop
Skirt: City Chic
Tights: DIY
Boots: Dr. Marten

I recently found some skeletons in the collection at my work :)

FYI, these aren't my hands. They belong to my coworker.

In other news, I'm getting really annoyed at the TV series The Walking Dead. So much different from the comics. I wish Andrea was as strong as she is in the books, she's my favourite character but they made her a whingey horrible person in the show :(

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sisters of Mercy @ Soundwave

I thought I would never, ever see one of the big goth bands. Bauhaus, Siouxsie, Sisters of Mercy are all from the 80s, and I was only born in 89. I missed out on everything, not to mention I live in a town where no bands play (Perth is on the other side of Australia, most isolated capital city in the world)

Seeing Sisters of Mercy was a dream come true. Who cares if I had to pay over $100 for a festival where I'd only see one band. Soundwave doesn't usually have anything I'd like to see, and this year was no exception (apart from Sisters). I bought tickets for me and my friend.
Everything fell into place though. Even though Sisters of Mercy weren't headlining, their set was at 9pm. They were playing at a small stage, compared to other huge stages where bands like Slipknot and Marilyn Manson were playing.
They were also playing the same time as bands such as System of a Down and Machine Head, so there was a lack of horrible bogan dickheads (yay)

Soundwave was held on the public holiday Monday. At the University we don't get public holidays off, so I worked. I didn't mind because it was 36 degrees and the library is air conditioned.
I got home a bit early though so I could get ready in time. I walked down to the train station, and arrived at the festival around 6pm. I was lucky, there was no crowd on the train and no one waiting to get into the festival grounds.

I then walked around and found my friend Merissa who had been there most of the day. We sat down for a few hours. I happened to see Marilyn Manson on the big screen, he was terrible!! He's been given bad reviews from all over Australia, so I don't know what's been happening to him.

Soon enough it was time to make it over to the stage where Sisters were playing. We arrived extra early, so as to get a good spot.

AND WE WERE IN FRONT ROW!! Right at the barrier!

Andrew is wearing a white hoodie and smoking a cigarette, because he is totally goth.

The amount of smoke was brilliant.

I got the set list!! I sucked up to the dudes in red. Everyone wanted one last song, but they didn't come back on :(
I wished that they had played a side show, I'm certain they would have had more people if they played at the Astor Theatre instead.

It was epic though ^_^
Here's what I wore:

I wore my Specimen shirt I got from their gig in the UK last year (they were great). My skirt is from City Chic, and I'm also wearing my epic bondage belt.

My best friend, Merissa, is probably super annoyed because I was screaming my head off. Also, she couldn't buy any alcohol because she was wearing fake blood :P