Monday, January 30, 2012

Great Hair

Lack of outfit posts due to 40 degree weather.

Here I am with awesome hair.
Shirt: limited edition from a club I used to go to.
Skirt: City Chic
Boots: Demonia

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

EBM Grows On You: Part 3

I've been enjoying the new album from Shiv-r recently. They're a band from Australia and I first fell in love with the song Parasite from their album Hold My Hand

I call this the 'Ghost song' because the electronic wailing reminds me of ghosts :P
I received their new album This World Erase from my friend for Xmas. It's a brilliant album and I enjoy all of the songs. I think it's great that Shiv-r have been able to produce an album that has no 'weak' tracks like many EBM albums have. I once said to a friend that with EMB music you have to wade through a lot of crap to find one good song (this goes with all Goth electronic bands) but Shiv-r's new album just has track after track of great music. Maybe it's because some of the vocals sound very Mansonish.

This Fix by Shiv-r

Alpha Omega by Shiv-r (this is my favourite)

Hollow Mask by Shiv-r

I remember that they came to Perth once. I did not go to the gig, due to it being run by someone who's done my friend wrong (oh the drama!)
But I remember seeing the singer and his wife the next day while I was waiting for a friend in Perth. They were so cute!! I was very annoyed that guys like him don't exist in Perth. Oh well.

Part 1 [here]
Part 2 [here]
Part 3 [here]
Part 4 [here]

Combichrist @ Amplifier, Perth

Combichrist played in Perth on the 15th of January. They're not my favourite band, but I went to represent my friend, DJ Xymox, who did a DJ set before the gig.
She played before ZooG (from Angelspit) and I thought her DJ set was brilliant.

Many of us were disappointed that Combichrist didn't play any of their known classics. I would of loved to hear "This is my rifle" but they played mainly from their new album.
The energy of the show was great non the less. I was at the front, getting squished by sticky guys who were jumping around :(
It was interesting seeing people in the audience who've I've never seen around the Goth scene.

I've also heard from a good source that Combichrist are very much Divas and are very elitist. I doubt I will see them again if they come back to Perth.

Bring on Sisters of Mercy in March!!

Don't mind me, I look pretty crazy in this photo :P
What I wore:
Shirt: Camden markets
Fishnet top: Made from tights
Corset: Ebay
Skirt: Target
Tights: Cut up from stuff I already have
Boots: Demonia

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Morgana Cryptoria Lip Balm Review

I first became aware of Morgana Crytoria from the blog of Sophistique Noir (who is one of the most beautiful women I've seen. Her blog is great!)

I took a look at the Morgana Crytoria website and fell in love with some of the colours. I spent around $50 for 7 lip balms. They took around a month or so to arrive (due to Australia being on the other side of the world to America) and I got them before Christmas. It's so hard to find unusual lip colours for such a good price. Not to mention that they are made by Morgana herself and are vegan.

The lip balms come in a regular lip balm tube. This means it's really hard to apply evenly, and I find it a bit hard when I don't have lip liner to guide me. I used a lip brush to have better control over where I put the colour on my lips.

The colours all have a level of shine/sparkle to them. This really helps to make the colour pop, especially with metallic type of colours.
Here are the colours I bought. Test on my forearm. Colours left to right are: Spellcaster, Vampire's Vineyard, Eggplant, Sapphire Smile, Hemlock, Starburst, Hathor

Starbust: It's a dark blue/grey with sparkle throughout.

Eggplant: I thought it was a very flapper type of colour, making my skin look paler. I guess mauve describes the colour best. 

Sapphire Smile: A metallic blue, I was most excited about this colour. 

Spellcaster: I was the most disappointed with this as I didn't expect it to be so sheer. It gives your lips a nice light purple sheen.

Vampire's Vineyard: I think it's a cross between plum and red/pink. Looks really brilliant on me.

Hathor: A solid purple! I bought this solely because of Sophistique Noir.
Hemlock: A really dark green/grey with green highlights.

Pros: The colours are true to the website. If you combine the lip balm with Lipcote then it lasts for ages! Lots of different colours to choose from.

Cons: I guess maybe the price. I mean, it's not that bad but I did just spend $50 on lip balms which is more than I've spend on any lip product. It was a bit of a gamble too, because I didn't know what the colours looked like in real life and if they would suit me. You can get samples sent to you for a price.

Overall, I highly recommend Morgana Crytoria as a great source for strange coloured lip products.
I've even sent a new order off for some lipstick! :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Dresden Dolls @ The Astor Theatre

Yes, yes, yes!! This was my first time seeing the Dresden Dolls together. When they came to Perth the first time I was too young to go (18+ event, and I was only 17)
I've seen Amanda Palmer twice, so it was really great seeing Brian too.

 This was the only photo I got of the show :P

 Here is Danie looking super excited.

I wasn't originally going to go, but then I thought why not. I bought two tickets for Danie and myself.
I love the Astor Theatre as a venue, the combination of seating and standing area is great. There were a lot of older people, so the seating was appreciated. Me and Danie sat towards the back and in the middle, as we didn't want to stand for the two support acts. Not to mention Danie is a little short so she wouldn't get a good view past everyone.

The night started off with a band called the Jane Austen Argument from Melbourne. They are featured on the Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under album. The second act was a comedic musician that insulted Goths and Emos in his first sentence. Yeah, way to annoy half the audience dude.

The support acts were nothing compared the Dresden Dolls. Hearing Brian's drumming along with Amanda just completed the songs.

The played all the favourites (well, all the Dresden Dolls songs are my favourites). In the first few songs they did a cover of Cosmic Dancer by T.Rex which I thought was brilliant. I can't describe how awesome it was to hear everything live. Amanda is had such great energy and Brian nearly overtook Drum Wolf (from Guitar Wolf) in drumming skill.

Here are a few songs from YouTube if you're not familiar with the Dresden Dolls

Here is what I wore, feature my messy lounge room due to lack of bookshelf.

Dress: City Chic (on sale for $40!)
Tights: Kmart
Belt: Torrid
Boots: Dr. Marten

I love this City Chic dress. I spent around $150 when they had sales. The dress it very 80's with lace and a zipper down the front. I love the ruffles at the bottom the best. It was great for the hot night (it was 30 degrees at night!)

Here is one of my favourite songs by Amanda:

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Le Professeur Gothique's Monthly Homework Assignment: Ice and Frost and Snow, oh my!

Another month and another assignment from Le Professeur Gothique. This month is to find inspiration in snow and ice, and to produce something creative. I chose to use makeup as my medium. Club Unknown had a club night yesterday, so I was able to do some awesome makeup! I was also the door girl for the night so my makeup didn't run off with sweat (but I didn't get to dance, sad)

I found this assignment a bit hard to think of as the weather around here is far from cool. Perth is never really cold, and it has never snowed (I'm pretty sure it's never even snowed in my state. Maybe over east near Sydney though)

Anyway, I used my new lip balm from Morgana Cryptoria which I added Lipcoate to make it last all night.

I used limecrime eyeshadow base and generic eyeshadow. I have a 120 eyeshadow palette I got from ebay.
I used Rimmel liquid eyeliner, and glued gems to my face with eyelash glue. I added white eyeliner to contrast the blue.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Internet Connection: Hopefully

Hello everyone, sorry about the non-posting. I've had no home internet connection for the past few weeks due to me moving. I will post more about my new place later.

Some news:
- Combichrist are coming to Perth (got my ticket)
- I'm seeing the Dresden Dolls next Thursday (I love Amanda Palmer, I've seen her twice but was too young to see the Dresden Dolls when they first came to Perth. It was an 18+ gig, and I was 16)
- I did some shopping at City Chic, they had 75% off!
- I've applied for a permanent library technician position at my work.
- 15 new ear piercings at once (ouch)
- Boring/normal xmas and new years
- Lip balm review for Morgana Cryptoria coming soon!
- DIY projects around my new apartment. Photos will come soon.