Monday, July 28, 2014

Kindle Dracula KleverCase

A little while ago I bought a Kindle Paperwhite. I already have an android tablet, but I wanted something small that I could read my books on. I heard great reviews about the Paperwhite, so I bought one on ebay. I wanted to get a really cool cover for it, and I was instantly drawn to KleverCase which has a bunch of covers that look like traditional hardback books.
The covers available are different books, like Sherlock Holmes, The Secret Garden, and Pride & Prejudice. I liked the Dracula cover best, because it looked like an old book. The other covers have modern designs.
I bought a Dracula cover off ebay, and it took around two weeks to arrive to me.
Each cover is handmade using book binding techniques from the Manor Bindery in the UK.

It came packaged nicely in sturdy cardboard.

My Dracula cover and a handwritten note.
The cover looks awesome! I love that it looks weathered. The cover looks like those old fabric covered books, but this is strong cardboard/paper.

Here is the inside, with a bookplate and a case to hold my Kindle.

Side view. It looks awesome!

My Kindle fitted into the book.

You can also bend the book back for better holding ability.

You can't tell it apart from other books!

Overall I'm super impressed with this cover, I'm really in love with it's old book appeal. I'm a bit worried about the durability of the materials, as this is going to be thrown around in my bag a lot.

Pros: - Looks like an old book!
- Unique
- Supporting the book binding profession, and a business in the UK

Cons: - Expensive, I paid $50 for my cover.
- Not sure about the durability over time
- Bit hard to hold, unlike other covers that are designed to be comfortable to hold.
- Might flap open, because there is no magnets or elastic to hold the cover in place.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rain and Sunshine

Today my sister, Kirsty, and I did a bit of shopping in Perth

Lovely view of the buildings.

The weather has been very rainy lately, with sunshine now and again. While we were walking I met a girl who reads my blog (hello, if you're reading this!)
I wore:
Jacket: No Future
Shirt: Bat-Cave
Tights: We Love Colors
Boots: Justin cowboy boots (Ebay)
edit: I've been asked about my cowboy boots. These are Justin 'roper' boots, I've removed kiltie, which is a fringed tongue. I got these boots on ebay, and I walked around Europe/UK in them. I've had a half sole added at the cobbler, and I wear insoles inside because I need good foot support.

Fabulous Pancakes

Last Saturday I have breakfast at my parents house. My dad made pancakes, and both of my sisters were there too!
For some odd reason, my parents don't have maple syrup. They have golden syrup with maple flavour. SACRILEGE! 

It was a nice winter day, so I wore a jumper. This one has spiderwebs on the elbows!

Better photo of my outfit, although my skin turned out white!
I wore:
Jumper: Dangerfield
Skirt: Evans
Tights: We Love Colors
Winklepickers: Demonia
Glasses: ClearlyContacts
Necklace/pendant: Ebay

My dad has a large aviary in the back yard.

Look at this handsome fellow!

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Nice Surprise

I received a package in the mail from my friend, Mo, who lives in New York. I've known her online for quite a number of years now, and I hope that I can meet her one day! I also think she's a pretty great artist (Here is her stuff)

She sent me maple candies, which I've never had before BUT THEY ARE AWESOME! I love maple syrup. I'm eating them now with a cup of tea.
Also included was some dried leaves, skull jewelry and (not pictured) a pamphlet about cremation (she does tours of a cemetery near her house).
Look at that cute little drawing of me!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Granny's 80th Birthday

Last night my Granny celebrated her 80th birthday. We had a lovely dinner at a pub near her, I also took the chance to drive by myself which was a bit nerve wracking!

I made her a little cross stitch, that I sadly didn't take a photo of. Here are some photos of my Granny!

Granny and her husband Ron (her second husband)

Granny and me! I wore my green bat dress with a cardigan over it, both from Hell Bunny.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Official Driver!

I got my P plates today!! I passed my hazard perception test, which is a computer test to quiz you on driving hazards. I'm glad I passed because I didn't know if I was doing well or not!
Getting my P plates means that I can drive unsupervised, but there is a restriction to my hours I can drive. I cannot drive between midnight and 5am. I also have less demerit points of my licence, although I doubt I'll get into any trouble.
Anyway, now I have driving freedom!

Discount Skulls

I popped by the stationery store Typo to buy some wrapping paper for a present. I saw they had an extra 30% off sale items, and I found some nice skulls which were on sale for $10 so I only paid $7 each! (Non sale price was $30!)

Fuzzy skull jar, I have two of these in black smooth ceramic but I've always wanted the fuzzy one! You can never have enough skull jars (Although I'm not a fan of how unrealistic the skull looks)

Large skull tea light holder. I've been eyeing this off for ages, and it was the last one in store. Must be fate!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Girls Night

My cousin Jorja is visiting Perth from Leicester in the UK (this is where my dad's side of the family is from). She's staying at my parents house, so I thought I'd take her out one night to get her away from the oldies :)

I also invited my sister and my coworker along. We first had dinner at Devilles, which I wanted to show Jorja because of the hell decor they have. I think she really loved it!
We then went to the Loft to see if they were playing any good music. Oh, I also got to drive us in my new car because my coworker could supervise me.

The night was pretty warm, so I could get away with not wearing lots of layers.
Jacket: Lady Bryant (from my friend Franny in the USA)
Skirt: ?? (ebay)
Lacey top: New Look
Boots: Iconic (not 100% sure)
Stag head on wall: Typo

Here's my cousin Jorja. Super pale because of the camera flash :)
I hope she enjoys all that Australia/Perth has to offer!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

My First Car!

I purchased my first car on Thursday.
My dad picked me up from work and we went looking at the car yards in Victoria Park. We went to a few different yards and saw a few cars, but nothing stuck out at us. It was useful having my dad around because I have zero knowledge or interest in cars.
We finally found something we both liked, a 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer with low kms for only $5000. I got a real bargain! I paid for it right away, and I got to drive it home :)

I don't have my full licence yet, I'm still on my L plates which means I need a person with a full licence in the car with me. But this is only until I do a total of 25hours and then I can get my P plates which is unsupervised driving. How exciting!
I can't wait to make the car my own by putting some bats on it!

I haven't thought of a name for my car yet, any suggestions?