Thursday, January 1, 2015

What I Wore: Last Hobbit Film

On Monday I went to see the last Hobbit film with my dad. I really enjoyed the movie, even though a lot of reviews complained about the length, etc. I'm a big fan of Peter Jackson's film style, and I think he did well with the Hobbit films. We watched it in 3D IMAX, which is a bit difficult if you wear reading glasses like I do, having to put the 3D glasses over the top of them :-/

The day was a bit warm, so I decided to wear bare legs.
Shirt: Gift from friend
Skirt: Evans
Frilly socks: Evans
Creepers: TUK

I'm wearing some cute black frilly socks and my winklepicker creepers I bought online at TUK 4th of July sale.

I'm wearing a bandana because my hair is in desperate need of a dye. You can see my blonde regrowth!

Two Bowie's for the price of one!