Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday I'm In Love

I recently found a great blog, Systems of Romance, which offers free obscure music. It offers lots of Coldwave, Post-Punk and Synth. I've found a lot of great stuff, and finally found some Siglo XX (now if I could only get the rest of it)

Paradox by Thierry Meyer

Dream by Bino

Mole at the Circus by Slim Bridges and the Wildflowers

First Impressions by VHF

Tell Me When Your Heart Beats by New Scientists


BellaDonna said...

LOVE that Sourpuss dress!! And I'm sorry, I can't believe you wear a 3X, you DO NOT look it!

Thanks for this post, I really like your wardrobe! :-)

Michelle said...

Looooove Systems Of Romance - so many gems! ;)