Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday I'm In Love

I feel like such a terrible blogger. I haven't been home much lately, I'm working a lot at the Rooftop Cinema. My outfits have been pretty much the same, and the summer heat is draining. Not to mention I'm feeling increasingly sad and lonely. Here is some music to make us all feel better again.

We Share Our Mother's Health by The Knife

Warm Leatherette by The Normal

Day of the Lords by Joy Division


linnea-maria said...

Sending you a Friday hug :)! Are you able to see some of the movies they are showing at the roof top?

BellaDonna said...

I had to smile when I read about your comment about the "summer heat". It's been FREEZING here every morning for weeks! My office at least has temp control, so it's okay once I get to work, but outside? Brrrrr!!

Wanna trade??

TanteFledermaus said...

I'm feeling sad and lonely, too. I suppose that makes us... not alone?

Courtney Cadaver said...

The heat must be awful. The weather is the exact opposite here, -20C and a foot of snow. Modcloth has some awesome retro-styled plus size bikinis to help you beat the heat. (one-pieces too)

I'm feeling sad and lonely too. We can all be together in our lonely pits of sadness.

OddGhoulOut said...

I just tagged you for an award on my blog!