Wednesday, February 6, 2013

High Tea

I've been very busy with work. Each day I wake up at 6am, get to the library around 8am. I work till 4.30 then go into Perth and work at the Fringe World boxoffice until midnight. Go home, sleep, repeat.

I luckily had Sunday off and I took the chance to see a wedding dress exhibition at the West Australian Museum. There was an awesome offer of having high tea if you payed a higher price (the high tea included entry to the exhibition). I never pass up a high tea. I wish my friend Merissa was still in Perth, because we would have had so much fun together. I bet she's having a wonderful time in the UK, but I really miss her.
Lisa, who runs descent, came with me. She's a really nice girl and I enjoy her company.

The food was so yummy. There were finger sandwiches with the crust cut off, quiches, cakes, scones with lots of real cream and jam. YUM! and unlimited pots of tea! I had about five cups of tea :)

After stuffing ourselves on scones and tea, we headed into the exhibition. Sadly no photography was allowed. They did have a few dresses out front of the exhibition that I took a photo of.
The exhibition is from the Victoria and Albert museum in London. It features wedding dresses through the ages, from regency times to current. I love fashion history! There were some brilliant dresses, I loved looking at all of the details. It made me wish that I will get married one day. I'm going to have an uber goth wedding with coffins and bats!
It was so interesting to imagine all of the women who wore these dresses. Imagine how scared they must have been!! It must have been so scary not knowing what to expect in the bedroom after the wedding was over. Poor girls.

Some dresses from the museum collection.
Dinosaur in a veil!
It was a warm day, so I wore this cute dress. I'm OVER hiding my arms away. I'm going to wear sleeveless shirts without feeling ashamed!
Dress: Crossroads (I got it on sale for $10)
Belt: City Chic
Tights: We Love Colors
Winklepickers: Underground Shoes
Working at the box office is going well. Basically I'm ordering tickets for customers. I forgot about how much I dislike customers! Some people are VERY rude.
I've watched a few Fringe shows, I get in for free with my staff pass. My favourite so far has been Briefs. I only get around one day off a week, so I haven't been home much other than to sleep.
The below video is from Edinburgh Fringe


FiN said...

History and tea<3

You have nothing to be ashamed of, after all you have all those nice tattoos and nobody is going to see them if you keep your arms covered! :D

linnea-maria said...

Sweet Natalie! You look lovely <3 and you have beautiful tattoos! I do know how you feel because I hate going sleeveless. I have always had big over arms even when I was thin (kind of armwrestler) + very narrow and slopy shoulders ( wish there was a glue for bra straps). The teaparty looks lovely, lots of flowery porcelain and cloths :)
Rude customers is a reason I wouldn't like to have a selling job or a service job. It is better to be the customer (as I am in my job) but a pleasant one.

Meagan Kyla said...

What a cool exhibit, I would have totally went with you! It's my dream to come and visit you.....
You should NEVER be ashamed, you're gorgeous and that is that ;)

Lesthis gothworld said...

You look supercool and awesome in that dress :D No need to hide your arms!

The dresses at the exhibit looks so pretty also <3

Courtney Cadaver said...

The tea and museum exhibit look like so much fun! I know how you feel about Merissa, my best friend moved to Germany two years ago and I miss her so much. Hurray for fat arms! Your outfit photos are fantastic and inspire me to wear what I want without being ashamed of being fat.

Laura Morrigan said...

Wow, the patterns on those cups and teapot are so lovely! And I love a high tea! I should have more! I might have one for my birthday!

It's great you have free tickets for the fringe festival! What a treat!

You should show your arms, look at all those lovely tatts!

Kamyria said...

You have nothing to be ashamed of! You look beautiful! I love your outfit and the tattoos. The high tea event sounded awesome! I love tea so I wouldn't pass it up either. :)

Insomniac's Attic said...

I love your look! Never be ashamed, Natalie!! :o)

In a perfect world, it would be cream teas and V&A exhibits of Victorian dresses every day of the year!

BellaDonna said...

This looks like SO much fun, wish I could have gone with you!! I LOVE high teas... there's a place in San Francisco that has them, and I used to go, but it's too expensive now. :-( And those dresses looked to die for!

Your arms are FINE, your tattoos are gorgeous, and you SHOULD show them off.

SaryWalrus said...

You look gorgeous! As usual. I lovelovelove the dress and pretty much everything. I could steal it.

It seems like you spend all of your time doing really interesting things. Gotta' love that dinosaur. :3

Noëlle Corvus said...

That must of been so much fun! I have been to a musuem in FOREVER!

Living in a hot climate myself, I have also finally just put my nervousness about showing my skin away too and am really loving it. :) Congrats, you look beautiful!

TanteFledermaus said...

>flailing around gleefully<

1666 X 30 said...

this looked like an awesome day. and you are absolutely fabulous. totally following your blog.

Caitlin said...

I never pass up high tea either. :) Also your arms are beautiful!