Saturday, June 8, 2013

Gothy Two Shoes List of Plus Size Online Clothing Stores

Plus-size Gothic clothing is very hard to find. Usually, I buy clothes from second hand stores and alter them to fit my style. Being a large girl, I like good quality black clothes that aren't too expensive. But even that is a lot to ask for! I buy clothes online because plus-size Goth clothing is hard to find in Australia (not to mention, it's usually more expensive than getting a few items from overseas)
Below is a list of clothing stores I have found online. I have included a little blurb about the stores I enjoy buying from.
Please leave a comment if you can suggest more online stores.

ASOS Curve: AUSTRALIA (although it does have sites for other countries). This website offers very trendy plus size clothes. Goth and black offerings are few and far between, but there is sometimes a good bargain. You really need to think about how the garment will look on you, because the models they use are pretty thin. The clothing is well made, and I haven't had any trouble with them. They also have a great selection of accessories. Pricing is good, and shipping is FREE!! There are usually coupons for 20% off. They also sell great accessories, I've bought some awesome bags and jewelry.
Quality: Good
Price: Overall it's average. $50 for a dress, $30 for a skirt. Sometimes good bargains in sales.
Rating: A

City Chic: AUSTRALIA. One word: Expensive. The only time I buy clothes from City Chic are in their 70% sales. $150 for ONE DRESS, seriously? I can buy a bunch of clothes from overseas for the same amount WITH shipping. That being said, some of their clothes are very Goth. But I'd seriously wait until sales. $70 for one shirt! Really?! City Chic is one of the only places for girls to buy Plus Size in Australia (if they don't order things overseas). They're clothes are up to date, and not frumpy. They have a good collection of party clothes and cute dresses.
I sometimes have a problem with their sizing, which goes XS, S, M, L, XL. It's sometimes confusing, as their sizing runs larger. I highly suggest going into a store and trying on the clothes. Many of the dresses hang strange and don't look good on the body or they're made out of strange material. Having a friend with you helps. Physical City Chic stores are nice, as they usually hire plus size girls.
Quality: Good
Price: SO EXPENSIVE! :( Wait until sales if you don't want expensive clothes.
Rating: C

Domino Dollhouse: USA. I love this small brand for the fact that they try to make trendy awesome clothes that girls love. They also use plus sized models, including the beautiful Tess Munsters. Clothes here are individual, so it sometimes takes a while for a good Goth item to come along. Sometimes I think "Wow, I love that top. I wish I came in plain black!". They also offer some good petticoats. I'm always excited when a new line comes out and I make a little wish list of what I would buy if I had a bajillion dollars. That being said, prices aren't too bad if you save because you'll be getting a unique piece of clothing that skinnier people won't be able to have. I love seeing customer photos of girls who are the same size as me rocking out in Domino Dollhouse gear. They always look so lovely! This store always high on my list and I recommend it to every plus sized girl.
Quality: Great
Price: A bit on the high side. $70 and less. Postage to Australia can expensive, but cheap if you combine a few items.
Rating: A

New Look: UK. New Look offer the 'Inspire' range of clothing. They're great on a budget, and shipping is also pretty good. It's sometimes a hit and miss in regards to the range of black clothing. They offer clothing that is trendy in the mainstream, and sometimes with bad fabric choices. I've purchased a few items from them, all have been unique that no one else in my town has.
Quality: Great
Price: Prices vary, but there are great bargains at sale time.
Rating: B

Torrid: USA. One thing that's always pissed me off about the Torrid website is that I can't sort by colour. This means I have to click through pages of stuff to find black items. I never really like anything available from Torrid, I guess that's why I've bought only one item from them. The clothing seems very plain for the price they're asking, I always look at the clothes and think "That's really ugly/boring, I don't know who'd buy that". They don't seem to have different collections, so I can come back in a few months and the same clothes would be there. I don't recommend buying unless you find something you like. They make it very difficult to buy things, shipping to Australia costs $41 and they don't take overseas PayPal.
Quality: I only have one item from them, a skull cardigan. The quality is okay.
Price: A bit much for such plain clothes. $30 and upwards.
Rating: D

We Love Colors: USA. Tights and pantyhose. I always buy the "Plus Size Nylon/Lycra Tights" in black. They have a wide range with over 51 colours. They also offer tie-dye, stripe tights and fishnets. The sizes are brilliant, they suit tall girls and are very stretchy but don't lose their shape. The waist sits above my tummy, which I love because it means they wont fall down while I walk. I've had tights that last for 6 months, which I think is great value! The price is about the same you'd pay for a good brand in the store, around $15 for plain tights. Shipping to Australia is $15 flat rate, but they do offer free shipping deals so make sure to grab a bunch when that happens (I just bought 10 pairs with free shipping, they'll last me ages)
I would LOVE to see some different designs printed on the tights. I love the current trend for 'spooky' designs on tights, but they never have plus size options. I'd love a pair of black tights with white or grey bats printed up the leg *hint hint*
Quality: Great, can last for ages!
Price: Tights price is average at $15. Try to wait for free shipping deals to get a good bargain.
Rating: A

Other 'normal clothing' sites:


List of online Goth stores that offer Plus-size:


Mary Rose said...

Ooh, excellent list! I'm always looking for plus-sized stores for Gothy types. I've added this page to my resource page, if that's okay?

1666 X 30 said...

Great list--I'm definitely forwarding this to my sister. Thanks for making it. Even in nyc, it's hard to find cool plus-sized clothes. I love domino dollhouse's latest collection.

Sian said...

Do SimplyBe ship to Australia? I did a little post on their a/w line which has a lot of lovely gothic inspired clothes. (Or at least a lot fo black. :P)

Morgaine Fey @Purji said...

WOO! I love this post. I want to roll on it like my little fuzz-butts roll on clothing.

I think they are ALL expensive, but that is because they are for a "niche" audience. Over a size 12 is a niche. Bastards.

Also, 41 bones for Torrid to ship to Australia??? Eff that noise. You would have to find a mighty good deal to justify that.

I will have to check a few of these out. You already hooked me on City Chic (and I CERTAINLY agree with the "wait for sale") so I can't wait to see the others.

Domino Dollhouse is odd, though. I have a size 16 biker style jacket that just does not fit in any way. As it was sale, I am going to have to gift it or donate. I do love their petticoats though. Perfect for being a goth cupcake.

I will say, Lane Bryant does have some good stuff if you have the patience to wait. Everything I have from them has worn well, but their collections are way hit and miss.

Morgaine Fey @Purji said...

Hey! @Sian ! I think I know you from tumblr! Hello! >^-^<

An Honest Drug said...

Excellent list! It's important to make sure that everyone in goth culture can have fun with clothes. :P

Is it okay to include this in my monthly link post? If not, just say and I'll remove it. :)

Jane Alienskin said...

Hope you don't mind me leaving a comment. I'm part of a collective of designers that make alternative clothing.

Technodolly make clothing up to size 34, Cute & Evil up to 30 and TPF Faerie Wear up to size 24.

Everything is hand crafted and we ship worldwide. The prices vary according to time and fabric, but we sometimes do special offers and discounts through our facebook page.

Shawn Henry said...

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Deanna Torres said...

City Chic might be 'expensive' but their clothes are of a HIGH quality. A $150 dress I bought over 10 years ago for a wedding, I can still wear and have worn on many occasions and I constantly get compliments for. I have jeans I still wear that I pain $90 for over 5 years ago. They aren't that expensive when you average that out. that's $18 a year for those jeans, where as the $15 pair I bought from Big W lasted 3 months. I know where I'd prefer to spend my money.

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