Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Norcia Library Lecture 2014

This past friday I went to a library lecture held at New Norcia, Western Australia. New Norcia is Benedictine monastic town, the only one in the southern hemisphere. It's a 2 hour drive from Perth, out in the bush. I drove there myself, which was a bit stressful but fun.
There is a library lecture held each year at New Norcia, the monks host the lecture and usually have a tour of their private library (not open to the public, it's housed in the monastery). I went to the library lecture a few years ago, I found that this years lecture was a bit boring, but it was an interesting. Here are some photos!

The monks use a card catalogue! I doubt many young people have seen one of these!

The loaning system for monks

Part of the library. Bust of Jesus

Mary was on the other side.

Only a tiny part of the library. I don't know how they preserve all of these books in the summer! There are not fans or air conditioners

The view from the library balcony into the monastery courtyard.

The gift shop sells bread made by the monks. I bought some when the shop opened because it sells out quickly!


Sylvie Dubois said...

That is pretty interesting! Thanks for posting

Sary Walrus said...

Wow, that's really interesting. You must be very "into" your job. :3