Sunday, February 1, 2015

Monthly Homework Assignment: What's on Your Cutting Table?

This month Franny over at The Curious Professor Z asked bloggers to describe what art projects we had laying around. Luckily for me, I started a crochet project not long ago.

I'm crocheting a granny blanket for my sister's birthday in April. I don't think she reads my blog, so I'm safe to mention this :)
I've never completed a knitting or crocheting project before, because I get bored of it.

I'm not doing a normal granny square, but instead a sunburst granny square which has some interesting textures. I'm using purple, which turned out looking pink in this photo. I would have chosen green but I couldn't find different shades.
I'm going to border the whole thing in black. Now I just need to make a million more of these squares!

I find it very difficult to follow pattern instructions for knitting and crochet, I don't understand the abbreviations they use!! Instead I'm using YouTube videos, which really help me understand which stitch I'm doing and how to do it. The below video by Bella Coco is simple and to the point. I also find that a British accent helps too!

My squares don't look as fancy at the below example. I'm guessing because she uses expensive wool and I'm stuck with cheap acrylic.


Sylvie Little Corp Goth Girl said...

I always love receiving handmade gifts! My mom crochets blankets like that. SHe made me one and I use it all the time! That is a really nice project you are working on. I like the colors, I am sure your sister will appreciate it

Insomniac’s Attic said...

That's the first crocheting video I've seen that's ever made sense to me. I think I might be able to actually crochet a granny square now! Because I've always wanted to do one with jewel tones in the middle, surrounded by black. Lifelong dream. ;)

I think your colour choices are great, and bordering it in black is going to be fantastic. Your sister is a very lucky girl! :)

Sarah Harrington said...

I love purple contrast you have chosen for your crochet blanket, when it's completed it'll be stunnning

The Professor said...

Thank you for posting this video! Good grief, crochet is so foreign to me and I can't remember a damned thing my Mother-in-law showed me that night she taught me. Ah well, hopefully the video will help.

I love your granny squares. :D Sooooo pretty!