Thursday, April 23, 2015

Incursion Masquerade, April 2015

On Saturday, during the Easter long weekend, I got to DJ at Incursion. It was a masqurade theme. I was very stressed during that time as I had two university assignments I hadn't started, luckily I only had one DJ set at the start of the night.
I was feeling a bit lonely and anxious too, so it's good I was able to leave early.
Here's some photos of my makeup, and professional photos from Vespa Photography (at the venue)

I purchased this bat mask from Ebay for around $2. Luckily it arrived in time.
I glued it to my face using eyelash glue.

Here a close up of my makeup, I used eyelash glue and glitter for the lips. I used a silver chrome along with lots of holo glitter for the eyes.


Alexandriaweb said...

Wow I love the mask :)

Sylvie D said...

That is one gorgeous mask!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Awesome job on the makeup, mask, outfit, everything!