Saturday, June 20, 2015

What's Up With Me

So what have I been up to lately? I've been pretty quiet, and I'm dealing with a lot of depressive thoughts at the moment. I don't want to bore you guys with that sort of thing, but it's hard to do anything because life seems pointless. I don't feel like I have a support network here, and to be frank if I disappeared it would take quite a while for anyone to notice and the first person to notice would be someone in New York, on the opposite side of the planet to where I live. Bit sad to think about.
I do have some photos from limited outings I've had. I'm smiling, but that doesn't mean much at the moment (gosh, I sound like a mope).

Having breakfast in the city centre. Wearing a Hell Bunny Ouija cardigan given to me for my birthday last year, finally being able to wear it now it's colder.

Finally finished my sisters blanket!! Here it is displayed on my messy bed. I think she really liked it!

So many squares.

My younger sister turned 18, and we had a little family gathering.
Wearing the Hell Bunny cardigan again. I love the winklepickers I'm wearing, they're black suede with western buckles. I don't know what brand they are, but I don't wear them often because they cause blisters :(

Here is the birthday girl, I can't believe she's 18 now!

My friend/co-worker wanted to go out for her birthday, so we ended up going to a pub. I didn't really know what to wear, so I went a bit trad goth.

Lovely matte purple lipstick from Fyrinnae

I bought a few vinyl albums lately.
I got the Hairspray soundtrack from ebay for $15 from Germany. I love Hairspray, and I love John Waters. He's such a cool guy, and I really admire his films and his quest for filth.

In the middle is the new LP album from Rule of Thirds, a post-punk sounding band from Adelaide. It's a great album, but I wished they included a MP3 download with it. I believe it cost $30 including a band t-shirt.

Lastly is Pinups by David Bowie. I purchased it for $20 from a second hand vinyl place near my dads house. This album is a collection of some of Bowie's favourite artists/songs resung by him. I love the cover artwork with him and the supermodel Twiggy.
I'm slowly collecting Bowie vinyl, I really need The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust, but it's hard to find cheap. Luckily, I already have my favourite album of his, Young Americans.


Ladyfair said...

Great job on that blanket! I can sympathize with being depressed and no real support system. I have family and my man but none of them really know how to deal with me when I get down, so I just hold it in and wait for those days to pass.

Aji LaStrange said...

I've been depressed myself for the last couple of weeks. Hopefully, you'll bounce back and start feeling better.

Bane said...

I wish I had some magic words that would make you feel better. But all I can say is that I understand what it's like to know you could vanish unnoticed. Depression totally sucks.

Awesome job on the blanket! I love it!

And all your outfits are fabulous! You are rockin' the short, spiky green hair. :D

mrs.c said...

Depression sucks ass. Hope things pick up soon, and life wins again. I love John Waters, Cry Baby has been one of my favs for a long time, and only a few months back I saw A Dirty Shame, and it got me howling, absolutely brilliant.

Meagan Kyla said...


Leslie said...

Any time I realize that I'm depressed, I remind myself that my brain is essentially lying to me. It's telling me all kinds of miserable crap that isn't true. Doesn't stop it from being a downer, but there's a mild sort of comfort knowing that it can't be as bad as my brain is telling me it is.

Now, if there was only a way to figure out WHY it started lying in the first place, and how to convince it to stop...

Someone in California would notice too. Hell, we share an ocean. We're practically neighbors.

Insomniac’s Attic said...

I love that blanket - I must learn how to crochet now! I like the winklepickers too, but I refuse to wear shoes that hurt anymore no matter how awesome they look. Takes me forever to recover from a blister! Seriously considering a new pair of Docs with the Victorian flower print inside though, so I guess if I cave there will be blisters in store for me whether I want them or not. ;)

Like everybody else, I wish I had something helpful to say about the depression. But I don't, and I think what helps for one doesn't always work for another. So I'd say make another blanket but maybe that only works for me. <3

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blanket, and I have a touch of cardigan envy!

Depression is a bit of a bugger, as we'd say here in North East England. Take care.