Thursday, July 23, 2015

1950s Party

On Tuesday at work, my department hosted a 1950s party for the rest of the library held at lunch. This follows a tradition, where a teddy bear is passed around to different departments and they have to organise a themed party during the year.

I was in the event committee, along with a few coworkers (although I think me and one other coworker did most of the work). I planned the music, made a film, and made some decorations. I also contributed some food for the lunch.

This is the stairwell leading to level 7, the staff room. Over the weekend, the rain caused the ceiling to collapse a little bit, so it we were not sure we could hold the event on level 7. Luckily, they temporarily put up these unsafe looking wooden beams to hold the roof up...

The door to level 7. I created the open sign, and the diner sign up the top.

Loads of food! Ignore my coworkers.

Here's a photo of the other direction.

Here is the bear that gets handed to each department each year, my coworker made a cute 50s outfit for it!

I created a looping film of dancing and movie clips from the 1950s

Some table decorations.

Here is my outfit!
Shirt: normal black shirt
Skirt: Domino Dollhouse

The event went really well, everyone was sending praises via email to our department. I was so exhausted by the end of the day, I left early and went to bed at 8pm!

Today I'm heading to the airport, to go to Melbourne and visit the David Bowie exhibition. I've never been to Melbourne before, so I'm excited, but also a bit nervous. I've been planning this trip since last year!


Aji LaStrange said...

Was the theme from Happy Days played? XD

The Professor said...

OH MY GAWDS! You look adorable!!!

Ladyfair said...

Squee I love the 50's! That looks like so much fun.

Sylvie D said...

I love the outfit and all the decorations. Enjoy the Bowie exhibit, hopefully you can do a future blog post about it!

Arielapetraglia said...

How cute!! I love the 50's and all the rockabilly style.. you look stunning on that skirt <3 loved it ;)

Insomniac’s Attic said...

Great decorations, Natalie! And what Franny said!! :)