Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Package from Coffin Kitsch!

I was lamenting the fact that Perth has very little Halloween items this year on Instagram, Meagan from Coffin Kitsch noticed, and offered to send me a little package which was very kind of her.
America, and even the UK, are so lucky to have lots of usable Halloween items. We don't get anything nice over here, and a lot is gaudy and ugly.

Wrapped up in a cute ribbon.

This is an awesome coffin card!

Cute reusable shopping bag. I love the print!

Meagan sent me so much stuff!!
There are two tea towels, a tablecloth, bat and spider glitter garlands, and three types of food! I really enjoyed the Brach's brand of candy corn, and it disappeared quickly :) I've had generic brand before, which I didn't enjoy. 
The tea towels are currently hanging on my oven, waiting to dry some dishes.

Thank you so much Meagan! You are so good to me. Go and follow her blog over at Coffin Kitsch.


Aji LaStrange said...

Candy corn is great. Candy corn is life.

Meagan Kyla said...

Soooo glad it got to you and could bring you some Halloween cheer! XOXOXOXOOXOX!!!

Insomniac's Attic said...

What a nice treat for Hallowe'en! :)

Sylvie D said...

Ooh that was so nice of her to do that. Meagan rocks!