Saturday, June 11, 2016

UK: End of the Trip

(Author note: You're probably aware how late this post is. I traveled in 2013, and it is now 2016! This is what depression and procrastination gives you. Hopefully it won't take this long for me to post travel pictures in the future)
Open the below for my 2013 UK trip with lots of photos.

My train journey from Berlin took all day, then I had to transfer to another train to get under the channel to London, then I had to change again to get to Leicester.

My family is from Leicester in the UK, so I went to visit my relatives for a few days. I'm really close to my family here because I stayed with them for a year in 2010. Funnily enough, my UK Gran was visiting my family in Perth while I was in the UK so I didn't get to see her.

I always enjoy Leicester, and I got some awesome Halloween stuff at the cheap pound stores (similar to $2 stores). The UK always has great Halloween items.

It wasn't long before I had to catch another train to Manchester, where I was staying with one of my blog readers Sarah. Sarah has a heart of gold, she offered me her home and time to take me around. Plus we went to the Whitby Goth Weekend together. I always find it lovely to meet my readers in real life.

While in Manchester, we went to the goth club, Ara, which is held at the Trinity Church on Chapel Street. I find it interesting to go to goth clubs in different countries, and it certainly helps that I had a local to show me around.

We visited Liverpool, on a short train journey, to the Walker Art Gallery to view some lovely Pre-Raphaelite paintings.

Giant tapestry, with Sarah in the corner.

Detail of the tapestry, with a guy who have been stabbed many times.

We went on a torch-light tour of the Manchester art gallery, after a lecture on the 'gothic ghost story' which was very interesting.
The tour was a bit silly though, as the guides didn't really know much about the art and they were focusing on parts of the painting they thought was 'spooky'. It really gave me and Sarah a good laugh.

Here's a lovely painting of Sappho. The guide told a story about Sappho waiting for her MALE lover, and we were like "you do know who Sappho is, don't you?"

We traveled to Whitby by train. We arrived a day or so before the Goth festival, so that we had some time to sight-see. Sarah and her family have come here a few times, and are familiar with Whitby.
Whitby was very lovely, it really felt cozy and familiar to me somehow. I loved the seaside feel to the place.

Our apartment was on the opposite side of the harbour from the Whitby Abbey, so a lot of walking and climbing hills was required! You can see the famous whale bone arch in the left middle of this photo.

One of the attractions, a mini Bark Endeavour ship. The original Bark Endeavour was built in Whitby, and Captain Cook founded Australia and New Zealand on it.

Sarah's husband, David. Her daughter Hermione, and Hermione's boyfriend Lewis. They were all really great people!

Sitting up the front to get some sea spray. The boat travels out of the harbour and along the coast for a little bit, while sea shanties play over a loudspeaker. During our stay I think we went on this boat a few times, it was so much fun!
This is our boat coming into harbour, Whitby Abbey is on the left side, and our apartment is on the right side.

Me and David out front of our apartment building. We had a nice set of rooms on the second floor.

Cute church across the road from our apartment.

Dusk at the sea shore!

Don't fall in, Natalie!

Pirate mini-golf! Another attraction at Whitby!

Night lights of Whitby, facing our apartment side of the harbour.

Spooky night alley.

Here is the Whitby Museum. There was a huge amount of sailing items and Whitby Jet.

Lots of items made from Whitby Jet.

Narwhal tusks on the left side.

I walked up Whitby's 199 steps to the Abbey on the hill. As this was during the festival, there were a large amount of photographers who kept bugging me for a photo which I thought was rude. I really just wanted to visit the Abbey and do some sightseeing of the area.

I believe you had to pay to get into the Abbey, that's why I didn't get any closer shots.

Cows on the other side of the Abbey.

Towards the harbour.

Facing down into the harbour.

I got to watch the March Violets play during the DV8 Festival. Always lovely to see them play.

Rosie from the March Violets and me. Rosie and Sarah are friends, so we got to chat for a bit. Plus, Rosie was staying in an apartment close to us we all walked back together as a group.

Whitby had some great views and perfect weather. It was great to be able to attend the Goth Weekend. I sadly was not feeling 100% so I didn't get to attend most of the Goth music performances. 
I did a lot of shopping! There were quite a few different markets places for the Goth weekend. I even met a nice person who reads my blog while I was looking at the clothing swap (hello!! I hope you're still reading!)
I did so much shopping that Sarah made fun of me, because she couldn't figure out how I was going to get it all home again :)

Goodbye Whitby!
Straight after Whitby, I caught the train down to London to visit Merissa again. It was great to spend some time with her without having to rush around. I admit, I spend a few days reading in bed with the cat.
I did get out a few times though. I visited the Wellcome Collection, which was sadly being renovated so I didn't get to see many of their items. Below are a few I was able to photograph.

Thames River, London.

Merissa and I got the chance to visit a Goth club. I LOVED being able to have a dance with my best friend again.

We went to the London Dungeons and got this hilarious photo, I still can't stop laughing at it!

Some cool t-shirts I got while on my trip.

Thank you for reading about my trip. Again, I am so sorry it took three years for me to upload all the photographs.
My next trip is America and the UK in 2017. I am planning to visit LA and NY while in the US, and while in the UK I hope to see Sarah again.

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Aji LaStrange said...

Looks like you had a fun time.

Unknown said...

Hey its the Whitby fan here, I am still reading :) Very jealous about the great time you had!

Courtney Cadaver said...

I'm glad you had a great time! Thanks for the post!! I really hope to go to Whitby Gothic Weekend sometime!

Sarah and David said...

I'm just catching up with lots of people's blogs after far too long. Was so nice to see the pictures of your visit. Had a great time with you and am looking forward to seeing you again next year and you know you're welcome to stay with us again when you're in Manchester :-)
Sarah xxx