Saturday, July 2, 2016

Scitech After Dark: Dinosaurs

Around two weeks ago I went to an event with my coworker/friend for her birthday. Scitech is a interactive science museum/discovery centre, aimed towards children. School groups usually go, and I remember that I went while I was in primary school.

Luckily, Scitech realised that adults wanted to play too, especially without children around! So Scitech After Dark is a series of 18+ events with alcohol available for purchase (although I don't drink). This time there was a dinosaur theme.

My friend and I arrived early and stayed till close, so we got to look at everything and play with a lot of cool stuff. They also had shows in the Planetarium, and a puppet show!

I wore:
Dress: ASOS
Cardigan: ??
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: TUK creepers
Bag: Rubi Shoes
Necklace: ?? Present from birthday
Glasses: Clearly Contacts

They had a part where you could poke your head inside an aquarium!

This fishy was staring at me :)

Me, my coworker/friend, and her friend.
We had a great time at Scitech!


Frilly Frenchie said...

looks like you had a lot of fun!

Meagan Kyla said...

Hi Natalie! You look amazing and it looked like you had an amazing time :)

Aji LaStrange said...

Oh-no! The dinosaurs escaped from their electric enclosures! Run away!

The Professor said...

First and foremost, you look beautiful! Simply stunning, dear Nats! Secondly, that place looks like a BALL! I love those look out portals that allow you to poke your head into environments. They seem to be the rage in science museums, zoos, and aquariums lately. :)

Maria Alexander said...

it looks so cool! I would have loved to poke my head in an aquarium, Radiohead style! Also you look great :)