Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Guitar Wolf @ Amplifier, Perth

I went to see Guitar Wolf with my friend Jane on the 9th of December. Here is what I wore:

Makeup was silver and green. I'm using eyeshadow colours other than black and it's freaking me out.
I also got the cute bat and spider chain necklace from ebay.

I didn't wear a corset, and I wore my most comfy stompy shoes. I also used a shoulder bag so I had my hands free.

Bauhaus shirt: Internet then DIY
Skirt: Target
Tights: We Love Colors
Boots: 14 hole Dr Martens
Lace gloves: Supre I think (Australian pre-teen store)

Here is my friend Jane looking heaps gorgeous. She's the girl who runs Minx Corsetry

First off I want to say that this was ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS I'VE EVER SEEN!!

I first became aware of Guitar Wolf from the cult horror, Wild Zero. I saw it on late night tv and loved it straight away (I even managed to tape it on VHS which I still have)

So I was super happy to hear they were coming to Perth. They are one of the bands I thought I'd never see.
They played at Amplifier, which I have never been to. The venue was okay, it was small but good for the size crowd that there was. I got a great view front and to the side, I got my punk on and was dancing to everything.

From the start the band was energetic. This lasted for their whole set! They didn't even stop for a break for water or anything!! I'm not sure if that is part of their show, or maybe because they're Japanese they're not good at small talk. In any case it was totally awesome, Guitar Wolf was flinging his sweat everywhere and spitting.

There was some great posing by Guitar Wolf during the set.
My favourite is Drum Wolf. He just kept going and going. I don't understand how they can keep going when they play such fast music.
Drum Wolf was brilliant though, whenever he stopped he leaned casually against his kit like he was bored. He even pulled out a comb and fixed his quiff! Then he took off his shirt and showed off his brilliant traditional tattoos.
This guy was pulled up on stage and Guitar Wolf gave him his guitar to play. Guitar Wolf held onto the dreadlock dude until it was time to play, then the dreadlock guy went wild! He was flinging his hair everywhere and it was totally epic.
There was a bit of crowed surfing and moshing going on, which I don't join in. I have recently got new ear piercings so I wanted to keep away from that. A few times a crowd surfer got close, but me and Jane ran away :P
Being on the side usually means you're not part of the moshing or pushing, and you can run when you see a surfer coming your way. I've never been a fan of moshing, all those sweaty dudes are just gross. Plus, I'm usually the person getting smashed in the face (not good when you have piercings and a nose chain)

The encore was played by Guitar Wolf alone.
I really suggest seeing them if you can. Jane had never heard of them, but she really enjoyed herself.

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