Saturday, December 3, 2011

Perth Slutwalk 2011

It took a long time for Slutwalk to happen in Perth, but it finally happened today. It was 36 degrees, so I put on heaps of sunscreen.

My sign said "no one asks for rape" and "blame the rapist, not the victim"

Here is me with my sign. We had a walk through Perth into Northbridge. I'm not good at shouting, so I left that to other people. I think around 100 people turned up, lots of girls and guys. At the end of the walk everyone sat in the shade (with free water and lollies!) and listened to some great speakers. We even had the girl from the New Zealand Slutwalk speak to us!
I really enjoyed being there, it was my first feminist rally. I wanted to put my hawk up and dress a bit more awesome, but I recently got colour on my tattoo so I couldn't show my arms and it was so hot.

My friend Dani came with me. Most my other friends were too lame to come.

 Dani also gave me my belated birthday presents. She made this hairclip herself, it's totally awesome.

She also made this doll to look like me, with piercings and hair :)

We had waffles and iced chocolate for lunch. Great on such a hot day.

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