Saturday, April 14, 2012

OMG Shoes

Today I went into Perth to go shopping with my friend Dani. We haven't seen eachother in a while, so it was nice to see her.We first went to the Perth Art Gallery because we haven't been for a while. Sadly there wasn't very much shown, the whole second level was empty. I'm guessing they're preparing for a new exhibit.
We then got some bento! It's very awesome that the place we go to knows who we are and what our orders will be. I always get katsu chicken bento and Dani gets teriaki bento. Yum, I also had a kiwi iced tea.
At other places bento comes with miso soup, but I really dislike miso.


I love getting instant photos taken with Dani.

OMG shoes!!
It's VERY hard for me to find nice girl shoes. I have really big feet :-/
The only place that sells shoes that fit me is Target. I'm a size 11 there. I'm a size 10 mens. I'm so used to just buying mens boots because I know they'll be comfy and fit me. It was really great finding two pairs of cute girl shoes. There was a 30% off sale too!!

Rocking the cute bandana look.
Siouxsie shirt: Internet
New cute skirt: Big W
Tights: Kmart
Boots: Dr Martens
I'm carrying all of my shopping :)
Here are the shoes I bought:
Satin with pom pom things. Patent leather pointy shoes. I LOVE THE PATENT LEATHER SHOES!!
I didn't like the pom poms, so I cut them off.
They were only sewn on, so very easy to cut off. Now I have to think of something else to put on the shoe. I was thinking of skull buttons or bows.
These are so awesome!


Meagan Kyla said...

Yay! Cute shoes! I love Target, I live right down the street from one....very dangerous!

Looks like you girls had a ton of fun, I wanna come shopping! ;)

Captain Cadaver said...

You... look... ADORABLE! As one fat goth to another, you really inspire me to wear whatever the hell I want and kick ass while doing so!

I also have Amazonian feet and finding size 11 women`s shoes in a width that makes it possible to actually walk can be like trying to find a unicorn. I end up ordering most of my shoes online.

Mistress Mystral said...

Those shoes <3 I really like them. I have the opposite problem with shoes. I have so small feet, that it's very difficult to find shoes that are small enough. My size is 35-36 (European), it's 3½ - 4½ (usa) and 2-3 (England), if I'm correct.

And btw Siouxsie t-shirt is always <3

Lesthi said...

Oh no the pom poms was so pretty xD
I like your style and hair btw! :D

Michelle said...

Haaha, I have the same tshirt - awesome!!

Bane said...

I recognize that slightly incredulous "OMG shoes" look. :) I feel the same way on the rare occasion I find girl shoes to fit my wide feet.

For the formerly pom-pommed shoes, I think a small bow with skull button in the middle would be cute.

siouxsiel said...

You completely rock this outfit. And I need to find one of those photobooths. So kawaii.

Natalie said...

Thanks everyone! I was going to try and find some cute skull buttons to put on the shoes