Monday, October 8, 2012

Bowling And Other Junk

Haze and Kylie wanted to go bowling, so I came along. I'm still trying to patch things up with Haze, I'm slowly getting there.

It was quiet when we arrived, but it got filled up quickly.
Here I am showing off my lucky green ball.
Haze being a dork.
Super trendy bowling shoes.
We picked silly names! I was bum! I was giggling so much when we had to write our names, I think the people in the other lanes thought we were silly. I surprisingly won both games we played!

Mine said "well done Bum!" I laughed so much :)
Kylie being a dork. No wonder her and Haze are engaged.

I got like 100 tickets, I bought 5 bouncy balls with them! Then we threw them all over the carpark.
I went shopping on Saturday with Nikki.
I'm holding a chocolate shake. Yum!
I found these rad Halloween lollipops.

This is the card I made for Merissa's graduation from University.
Here is the birthday card that I made for Nikki! Sadly I couldn't give it to her on her birthday because I was really sick :(
My friend in the UK, Sarah, sent me this magazine I've been wanting. Thanks Sarah!


Goth Mary Poppins said...

I love these reviews! I am tooeasy to get scared, and have nightmares when watching really scary movies, but the oldie movies are really enjoyable!

I'd recommend Alucarda. I've only seen the trailer, but that told the whole story. :D

BellaDonna said...

These pics are hysterical, they made my day! hehehehe

Nebel Finsternis Violet said...

Haven't been bowling for some years! it's always fun.
You look gorgeous as always, and I happen to have the same oxford shoes lol

Arg, I want to lay my hands on that magazine!!! It looks so interesting from the preview!
Could you review it by any chance?

Captain Cadaver said...

I'm glad to hear you're patching things up with your friends! One of my favourite things about bowling is using silly names. You look beautiful -- as always!