Saturday, October 13, 2012

Horror Movie Review: The Woman

It's movies like The Woman (2011) that make me realise how desensitised I am to horror films. It's a bit hard to watch at times, some of the situations make me squirm. Not in the "this is too gross to watch" sense, but the "I want to punch that guy because he's a dick" sense. There is quite a lot of blood in this film and a lot of "what the hell?" kind of scenes.
I don't really want to give a lot of the film away, so this may seem very short.

The Cleek family seem to be the typical American family. Chris is the head of the family, he rules over his submissive wife, two daughters and son.
While out hunting one day, Chris comes along a feral woman bathing in a stream. He captures her and sets her up in the cellar of the house.

He want to 'civilise' the woman, and his family reluctantly do as they're told. The woman is subjected to torment from both Chris Cleek and his young son.
As the movie progresses we get to know the family more. Chris is a real horrible man, and his son is following in his footsteps. His wife is timid and does everything her husband says, the eldest daughter is hiding something and the youngest daughter seems oblivious.

I really enjoyed this film. I loved how the actors playing the family all had the same type of hair, so they actually seemed like a family. The film didn't seem to drag, and everything was really well shot.
Like a lot of revenge horror films starring women (Last House on the Left, and I Spit On Your Grave) you hope that the woman survives and goes crazy killer on the people who wronged her.

Scare factor: 0/5 I wasn't frightened at all
Gore factor: 5/5 Realistic and crunchy
Boob factor: 3/5 One set of boobs and a rape scene.
OVERALL: 7/10 Enjoyable, I'll watch it again!

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