Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Today was the Melbourne Cup, which is a annual horse race. It's huge in Australia, and we have a free lunch at work. We also had a hat competition. Here was my hat:

I used a base from a store and decorated it myself. I didn't win a prize though :(
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I've been feeling really bla lately, like I'm not cool/interesting enough. I alway remember how strange I am, and no one wants to hang out with me.


Laura Morrigan said...

Yes! That shirt looks so good on you! Knew it would!

Being strange is good. No, great! I like strange people best! :)

SaryWalrus said...

Psh, you're interesting enough that I'm delighted every time I see a post you make! Besides, strange people are the awesome ones. :3

Plus, that blouse and that hat - amazing! The hat must be pretty heavy?

Emma-Lee Fretwell said...

Wowowowow. These are amazing, you are such a beautiful woman! Great talents!
I am jealous of you!
I am sure life will pick up soon and people will love the aspects of yourself in which you say you are strange <3

The Cemetery Dreamer said...

To paraphrase Mr Poe, there's no beauty without some strangeness!

I really love the hat you decorated bet it looked awesome with that shirt. Black and white stripes are one of my favourite things and that shirt looks great on you =]

Nebel Finsternis Violet said...

Hey hey hey, what's with all the "I'm uncool" phase, very uncool for someone as cool as you! XP

This is such an amazing shirt!!! Wow how I love stripes i wish i had a matching shirt and pants like this ^^

email me about shit if you want, like you said you always there- i am too :) that way we can feel uncool together, but most wanted!

much love!

Insomniac's Attic said...

It doesn't appear that all your followers (myself included) think you are Strange, Uncool and Uninteresting! P.S. Cemetery Dreamer - AWESOME quote. :o)

BellaDonna said...

That hat is absolutely to DIE for (heheheh)!! And I love the shirt, I've got bloomers to match it. If we got together wearing them, people would probably think we were escapees from prison! Either that or they'd spend the day trying to uncross their eyes... ;-)

Like me, you are Unique and Strange... what an incredible combination!

Bane said...

I would absolutely hang out with you if you were willing to be seen with this old geezer. Of course, there's the problem of being on opposite sides of the planet. :/

Great job on the hat, and I love the striped shirt. :)

Dani DeathBiscuit said...

I love the hat! Wish I had the drive to make things like that, ha ha.
Blouse is awesome too. Domino Dollhouse is amazing.

:) and we're all strange here!

The Professor said...

Oh for cripes sake! Bend over: KICK! KICK! KICK! I WOULD SO hang out with you! Weirdos and freaks unite!!! You know that I adore you sweetie! Big time. Love the hat and striped shirt ... and you look adorable in your glasses.

Caitlin said...

1. I would totally hang out with you! and
2. That is an awesome hat!!!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Love the hat!