Saturday, November 3, 2012

Horror Movie Review: Return of the Living Dead

My apologies for how late this is. It was suppose to finish on Halloween, but I've been really busy lately with no time to get on the Internet :(

Return of the Living Dead (1985) is my favourite zombie movie. This is the only film I've seen where the zombies call for "BRAINSSSS!"

The movie starts with Freddy at his new job at Uneeda medical supply warehouse. Frank is his supervisor and shows Freddy some strange things, including split dogs and a human cadaver.

Freddy asks Frank about the most strangest thing he's ever seen go through the warehouse. Frank tells the story of some Army barrels that were delivered by mistake, the tanks holding an experiment that brought the dead back to life and inspired 'Night of the Living Dead'. They go down to the basement to view the tanks because Freddy doesn't believe him. The tanks springs a leak and sprays horrible gas over the two men and into the ventilation system.

Meanwhile, a group of punks are lamenting the fact that they have no where to party. They are friends with Freddy and think that it's lame that he sold out and got a job. They ride to the medical warehouse, break into the cemetery next door and start to party!

Frank and Freddy wake up and feel sick from the gas they inhaled. Upstairs they're shocked to find dead animals coming to life! Butterflies stuck to boards flutter their wings and the split dogs are breathing.
Even worse is the human body in the freezer that starts to scream and break down the door. They quickly lock it up and call their boss Burt.
With Burt there they decide to open the freezer door to deal with the reanimated corpse. It all goes wrong when they realise they can't kill it! Even chopping off it's head doesn't work!

Burt feels like he's backed into a corner. The barrels were from the army, so if he tells the police then he would get into a lot of trouble. Instead he cuts up the body and goes to the crematorium across the street and calls in a favour with his friend Ernie. Burt asks Ernie for a favour, wanting to burn the bag. Ernie wants to know whats in the bag, and is horrified by what's inside. Ernie's my favourite character by the way :)

Ernie agrees to burn the body. When it's burnt in the oven it lets of smoke into the clouds and atmosphere. It created burning rain, making the punks all run for cover in the car. They can't start the car.

At the crematorium, Burt is worried about Frank and Freddy who are feeling and looking worse. Ernie calls up an ambulance so they can get looked at.

While all of this is going on, Freddy's girlfriend Tina is in the warehouse looking for him. She goes into the basement, and finds the most horrible of all zombies

It's Tarman, the body from inside the army barrel!

Tina tries to escape and locks herself in a cupboard. Luckily her friends got tired of getting soaked in the car and come to her rescue! Not without a person getting killed though!

The group flee into the graveyard where the dead are returning to life!! Trash (the one who dances naked on a grave) gets eaten while the others split up, some going to the mortuary while two others returning to the warehouse.

Meanwhile the paramedics have arrived at the mortuary, and check up on Freddy and Frank. They find no pulse or heartbeat, but they're alive. The paramedics are confused so they prepare to take the men to the hospital, but are eaten by the dead!

The group arrive at the mortuary and try to convince Burt and Ernie that the dead are rising. Ernie goes outside to the ambulance, but is confronted by a zombie. They all barricade the mortuary, and a few of the group are killed.

It sounds stupid, but I don't want to give the rest of the film away. It's my favourite zombie film, being both awesome and really silly at the same time. It suggest you watch it if you enjoy zombie films, and tell me how you like it!

Scare factor: 0/5
Gore factor: 4/5 Lots of blood
Boob factor: 2/5 One set of boobs and a vag shot
OVERALL: 8/10 Brilliant!

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