Thursday, January 10, 2013

Peter Murphy @ The Bakery

The first stop on Peter Murphy's 2013 Australian tour was Perth! How lucky were we?
Peter or Bauhaus have never been to Australia before. I hope he enjoyed staying in Perth, and it was a real honour to see him. He's such a big idol of mine.

I certainly enjoyed his show a lot. I arrived pretty early, like I usually do for shows. There wasn't really any line at all. I was one of the first people into the venue. I bought a Peter Murphy shirt with an octopus on it, and staked out the front of the stage.
Funnily enough, the same cute girl from Adam Ant was also at the Peter Murphy concert. I bet she's super annoyed with me now, because I always seem to get a souvenir from gigs. Sorry cute girl!!!

The Bakery is an okay venue. It's run by Artrage, who also run the Rooftop Movies. The venue is large, and the stage is set pretty low (compared to the Astor).
The crowd consisted of a lot of goths. I didn't really get a good view of how many people there were, because I was at the front.

The supporting band was Fear of Comedy, who are a Perth band. My friend is a guitarist in the band. I've seen them a few times. I enjoyed some of their first songs, but some of their music seems to be a bit screamy and metal which I'm not a fan of. The lead singer has a great voice though! I'm sure they were very happy to support Peter.

Right, onto the main act.
Peter Murphy came on stage and I was instantly smitten. He's still a very handsome man and has all of the moves. He played many of his solo songs, and a few Bauhaus. I would have loved a full Bauhaus set, but I enjoyed his show. Some Bauhaus songs off the top of my head were Stigmata Martyr, Kick In The Eye, She's In Parties. No 'Bela Lugosi's Dead', just a chorus of it.

He was full of energy, seeing him jumping around and dancing gave me an insight to how it would be at one of his original concerts. I wish I could have seen him in the Bauhaus days!
The concert was very good. The band were very dedicated (also handsome). It got really hot in the venue, and you could see shirts of the band getting slowly wet with sweat.

Peter Murphy was very audience interactive. He was touching people, he even covered my eyes. The best part was probably when he dragged a girl forward and sung into her ear.

I was so, so close to him it was crazy. The stage set up meant that when he came to stand at the front of the stage my head was literally in his crotch area. I had to turn my head so it wouldn't go into his wang area :P That being said, I got a really good view! Haha!! Seeing as he was sweaty, I also got sweated on a bit (I'm never going to shower again!!! Haha). He has lovely blue eyes, by the way.
Near to the end of the concert I took the courage and hugged his legs hard. I also had a cheeky grope of his bum ;)

I scored a guitar pick and set list.

If you have the chance to see Peter Murphy, either on his Australia tour or elsewhere, I highly recommend him. His voice is still brilliant and his performance was everything I wanted it to be.
To recap: Peter Murphy= very attractive and brilliant show

Now I need to tick off Siouxise Sioux and David Bowie *crosses fingers* (Note to Siouxsie and Bowie: you need to come to Perth so I can grope your bums)

Lots of photos after the jump:

I was very close to his wang.
Although I didn't get a photo of my outfit to show you, there are a few photos that I've received from friends!
My hair was fluro.
Here I am with Peter Murphy's groin area.


jenniferw68 said...

Hi Natalie

I love reading your concert recaps (like Adam Ant last year).

I ended up seeing Adam for times during his US tour during one wonderful week in September and it was just as amazing as you described! Oh, and I ended up getting his bandanna too when he handed it to me in Jacksonville, Florida. One of my most treasured possessions. People were asking to just hold it and some actually smelled it. Ew...those ladies needed to get their noses out of my bandanna!

I took a lot of pictures too, but yours are way better!

Glad you had a great time seeing Peter Murphy.

Jennifer, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

jenniferw68 said...

Oh, and I wrote about the shows I saw and posted pictures on my Adam Ant blog. They're somewhere in there if you want to see them...


Insomniac's Attic said...

A cheeky grope - Natalie, you devil! That would have been an amazing concert, I bet. Lucky you! ;o)

Bane said...

Sounds like you were at just the right height. If you were shorter, you would have had to settle for his kneecaps. ;)

Glad you had fun, you cheeky Peter-groper, you. :)

Laura Morrigan said...

Glad you had fun! I am so excited to see him in Sydney!

The Professor said...

Oh Natalie! You groping cutie! NYC would never allow a set up like that, ever. I can't remember the last time we were allowed that close to the stage. Good for you sweetie!!! I'm so happy for you and that you had such a great time! :)

Meagan Kyla said...

I've seen Peter Murphy 3x's and it's always an amazing show. He's so dreamy and I love how plays for his crowd.
Glad you enjoyed the show! =D
I need to see Siouxsie too!!

BellaDonna said...

I am SOOO jealous... :-P Glad you had such a great time! Now, since you're so 'close' to him (heheheh), can you please send him HERE next???