Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Donnelly River

Working at Fringe World was a great experience. The company that runs it, Artrage, are very generous.
As a wind-down Artrage organised an all expenses paid weekend away to Donnelly River.
Donnelly is south of Perth, around three hours away. It's very close to Bridgetown, where I stayed on a farm with Merissa previously.
Around 35 people went, but only a few people that I have actually met before. Only two people who I worked with went.

The accomodation is around 30 houses. The area used to be used for logging.
There are no pets allowed, but that's understandable. All of the wildlife are so close. I also bought emu/kangaroo food at the general store so I could hand feed them.
Here is my Fringe co-worker Sophie looking at a lazy kangaroo from out kitchen window.
Nom nom nom. I fed Emus and Kangaroos. I saw a rabbit and a possum.
The animals are wild, but they get used to the tourists after a while. The emus were very gentle with taking food. Wild kangaroos can be dangerous, but these guys were very used to people. They wanted the food more than us patting them! :)
This is the swimming dam. Yes, I totally went for a swim! Although the bottom was slimy and I was scared of leeches.
The weekend was over too soon. I was a bit scared about socialising with all of the people I haven't met. It was a bit hard at night when everyone was drinking and hanging around. I felt like I didn't belong anywhere and I made a quiet escape. I know I shouldn't leave social gatherings early.


The Professor said...

I can't believe you get to see and feed kangaroos! That's just so magical to me! :) And Emus? Ed is officially jealous.

Lucretia said...

OMG, buying emu/kangaroo food at the store??? And you actually could feed kangaroos and emus without getting bitten?? Totally WILD to this USA girl!! I did meet an emu years ago, though, at the SF zoo. Every time we went, I would go and exchange stares with it through the double chainlink fences. I guess we bonded! ;-)

Seriously, this is VERY cool, and like Ed, I am also jealous.

rosyapple said...

hahaha about the leeches. i was always terrified of the leeches i thought we had in our dam, it's only recently i found out my mother made this up to make sure we didn't drown in the slimy water!