Monday, March 18, 2013

The Professor's Monthly Homework Assignment: Spring

 This month Frannie at The Curious Professor Z asked us to write a little bit about Spring. Well, sadly, I can't because it's not Spring... It's Autumn. :)

Summer is finally over in Perth, but that doesn't mean it's any cooler! Usually it takes until the end of April for the weather to cool down. I'm looking forward to cold nights, so I can light candles and get snuggled in a jumper and blanket. I have recently brought a whole bunch of jumpers ready for winter.

Stud jumper from City Chic.
Rib cage jumper from Kill Star Clothing. It's really warm!

Bat jumper from Sourpuss

Our native trees don't change colour and shed like other trees do. Luckily, there are oak trees in the park next to my apartments so I get to see all of the pretty colours. I love kicking through the piles of orange leaves.
When the weather gets cooler I'm planning on doing some sewing projects. I would like to make some tote bags and decorate them.

I hope that you're enjoying the changing weather in your part of the planet :)


Michelle said...

Ooooo, I have that bat jumper too - it's awesome!!

Insomniac's Attic said...

I want a bat jumper, too! And I could probably squeeze another three month's of wear out of it before spring finally gets here! :D

msNephis said...

Well... in my country it's winter and I'm really tired of snow ;P. I hope it will get warmer soon. Heh, and I like this bat jumper too!

Madame Mari Mortem said...

Those are all really great!... but I especially love the skeleton, and bat ones as well ;)

I love warm weather myself, just not blasted hot like it's already getting here! Heh

kakuidori said...

i just cant get used to the fact that the seasons arent the same everywhere in the world o_O

but i am a bit jealous that it still is warm in your area, germany has a bit of snow left (i cant remember when we had snow on eastern last time... maybe 10-15 years ago!)


Caitlin said...

That bat jumper looks super cute!

tomcam said...

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