Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I've Fractured My Ankle!

I'm currently writing from my bed, my foot in a cast. On Sunday I was getting off the bus and fell down the strairs, hurting my ankle badly.
Luckily, two nice girls from Switzerland helped me hobble home. I thought I only had a sprain, but I went to the doctors and got an xray and found out that I had a fracture!
I've never had a broken bone before, so it was a bit scary and very stressful. I got a cast put on my leg, and now I'm going to be stuck in bed for a whole week.
It sucks a bit, because I live by myself so I don't have anyone to help me.

I have to go to the hospital next week, because I may need surgery :(

I feel really stupid by hurting myself. I just hope that I'll be all healed by October, when I'm going away on my holiday.
I walk EVERYWHERE, so it's going to be really difficult for me to get anywhere. I'm just planning on spending this week in bed. I've been given crutches, but I find them very hard to use.


Grimm said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your injury, hope you heal quick. Do you have health insurance? One of the chaplains at the hospital where I work broke her ankle and got this really cool scooter to use instead of crutches. I had never seen one before, but apparently there are several manufacturers putting them out. Mabe you can get one. Here's a link to one place here that sells them so you have an idea what they're like: http://www.activeforever.com/knee-walkers-scooters

Natalie said...

I do have health insurance, but we have a pretty good health system here in Australia. I'm hoping to get a walking boot, I don't think I'd enjoy a scooter!

Insomniac's Attic said...

OMG, Natalie - that does suck!I hope it'll be fine for your trip, too!

Those Swiss are awfully nice, aren't they? And I'm not just saying that because I have family there or anything ... ;o)

Laura Morrigan said...

That sucks, hope it ends up ok! Don;t worry about hurting yourself in silly ways. I broke one little toe sliding down a slide head first cause some kids who came over convinced us to when I was little. I broke the other little toe on a chairleg in my own home. I tore my nail away from the finger a bit the other day (but its ok now) squashing a HUUUUGE spider. I also hurt myself running along a bench at school with friends and jumping into a longjump pit that the IDIOT athletics committee saw fit to have concrete at the edge of. hence torn up knees. Oh and I also got my finger stuck in the door as a kid and had my hand CHEWED by a DONKEY as a kid, so you cannot feel silly now, ok!

N. Finsternis said...

I really wish you the best and easiest recovery!! I hope you won't be needing a surgery after all. Don't be bad about it, it's not your fault. One does not break a bone on purpose in order not to go to the UK and Berlin ;) At least you have plenty of time to rest, I'm sending you hugs!!!

Meagan Kyla said...

Ack! Wishing you a very quick heal! If I was there I'd draw bats on your cast and we'd walk music videos and eat lots of snacks. ;)

Lucretia said...

Oh, Natalie, I'm so sorry!! That totally SUCKS. I hope you heal quickly and don't need any surgery. And you WILL be able to go on your trip, accept no other outcome!!

Bane said...

Sorry to hear you're hurt. :( Breaking a bone is scary! I'm wishing you speedy healing!