Monday, May 6, 2013

Mediocre Chinese

Last night I went out with my old high school buddy Stephanie. We went to Hawkers in Perth, which I was expecting more from, it was very mediocre.

I love catching up with Steph, we always laugh lots and people stare at us because we're too loud. She told me she also stalks my blog, haha :)

Here is Stephanie getting her head eaten by a shark.

It kinda looks like she's naked under her coat, but she was wearing shorts and a singlet!

This is a new dress from ASOS Curve. Winklepickers are from Demonia.

It's funny how when I try to be Pin-Up I just look like a dork instead! :)

Stephanie is holding her left-over chicken that I was displaying in all of the photos.


linnea-maria said...

You look lovely :)

Lucretia said...

Hehehe, I've never thought of leftovers as a photo prop, but it works! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Desde España decirte que también se te sigue , aunque no entiendo el idioma,, las fotos tan maravillosas que subes me ayudan a entender mejor el blog,me pareces una mujer maravillosa ademas de preciosa,te mando un beso muy grande desde Pamplona España, de otra chica gothica, que la oscuridad envuelva nuestros corazones. Un beso guapísima.