Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Wants

Pointed buckle creepers from TUK.
I can't seem to find these in Australia. They are available on the Hot Topic website in America, but Hot Topic/Torrid are HORRIBLE regarding ordering and shipping to Australia.
Meagan at Coffin Kitsch bought a pair. She always looks cute.

Lacy Audrey dress from City Chic: $179.95
Who the HELL is crazy enough to pay $179.95 for a dress?! Another reason why I wait for sales at City Chic.

Much more affordable Freddy Dress from Hell Bunny.
I want to get lots of summer dresses so I can be cute and cool this summer.


Laura Morrigan said...

Postage to Australia sucks! Sigh. I know that pain! That Frankie dress is soooo cute! Get it!

Love the new background!

N. Finsternis said...

The creepers are cool! I think the dress will fit you perfectly!

Lucretia said...

The Hell Bunny dress is MUCH better than the other one, and the price is, too!! I think you'd look great in that!

I can sympathize with the postage problem. Martin has found several things online that he wants to buy from Australia, but the shipping is so bad he can't afford to get them. It's a shame, you're not THAT far away!!!

Meagan Kyla said...

Awww shucks! The Hell Bunny dress and the lace dress will both look wonderful on you.

I've seen the creepers here: