Sunday, September 1, 2013

Emotional Problems

Oh wow. I've been feeling horrible for such a long time. Everything is crushing me and I don't think I can take it much longer. This weekend I really just wanted to hide away in my apartment, but I got invited to go to places.

I took the day off work Friday because I was feeling so down. I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed. Instead, I read a book and then cleaned my apartment. I also freshly shaved my head.
Haze and her girlfriend Kylie invited me out for dinner in the evening. I'm really poor at the moment, but I can still afford to go out with friends.

I look grumpy, because I am
New lace dress from City Chic (it was $100, but then down to $40 on sale)
Winklepickers: Underground Shoes
Glasses: Clearly Contacts

On Saturday, I went to visit my dad and step-mum for Fathers Day (although Fathers Day is on Sunday). I got him a gift card so he can buy himself some DVDs.

Me, Dad, my sisters Kirsty and Heather. Dad and Kirsty wearing Star Wars shirts was unintentional.

Also my Granny!

Saturday night I was invited to a warehouse party which I really was not in the mood for. My friend, Lisa, forced me to come. The party started at midnight, and I actually go to bed at 8:30pm (I'm a nanna) so I was really tired! But at least it was a chance to get dressed up and do my makeup. The night wasn't too bad, I got home around 3am.

New skirt: City Chic (on sale)
Skull shirt: New Look
Jacket: Ebay/DIY
Boots: Ebay
Belt: City Chic


Sarah Silence said...

I've been feeling a lot of the "stay at home and hide" thing in the last year or so. I've started therapy for my social anxiety and depression.

Having days at home helps, though. It sounds like we're hiding, but really for me it's a kind of reboot, so I can deal with being around people the next day, or whenever I have to.

I really hope you feel better.

N. Finsternis said...

I know how you feel, I've been down as well lately, everything considering people makes me naucious and uncomfortable.
You look wonderful though! I love the lace dress, it looks so sweet and elegant! And a great deathrock look as always! :)

Porcelain Doll said...

I know that feel so well. I've been in such mood for weeks, now, only that I can't force myself out for any party. Even the opportunity to dress nicely doesn't convince me :D But indeed, fighting that mood sometimes isn't really necessary, sometimes a weekend in bed with tea and books is what helps most.

Keep your head up, anyway. At least goth's most favourite season is coming :)

Lady Levana said...

I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling your best lately.

I hope you find some solace in those friends who are good to you and the readers who are wishing you well.

It's very cliche to be sure however the night is always darkest before the morning comes and I hope whatever dark wave that has crashed over you breaks soon.

You aren't as alone as you may feel. I wish you all and only the best of this life.

Sary Walrus said...

I literally want to steal your Bikini Kill shirt. Amazing band.

Besides that, I really do hope you feel better. I'm not sure if it's the same kind of thing but I get something like it when I just have to take a day off to be alone and, as I put it, "put my head back together". Anxiety builds up and gets to me when I'm mid-term. But I'm sure it'll pass eventually, and you'll start feeling amazing again. <3

linnea-maria said...

You look great, dear! Thanks godness for friends that drags you out from your hole ;). I hope it made you feel a little better.

Lanternarius said...

hope you feel better soon. I know how feeling down sucks. Still you managed to look classy - in a goth way - instead of scruffy. :)

The Professor said...

For someone who's feeling down in the dumps, you look as radiant and beautiful as ever. (((HUGS))) I truly believe that human beings go through these cycles of moods throughout the year that can be triggered by a number of things like stress, the weather, food, etc. Creative types tend to cycle more than others. Maybe your body and brain are trying to tell you that they want you to hole up for a little while and take a rest. Stay home one weekend. Read a book in your pajamas. Cry. Paint your nails. Don't answer the phone. Organize your stuff. Holing up isn't a bad thing at all.

And if I know you, you aren't too happy that they summer is coming and that you're going to miss the gorgeous fall and winter weather. (((HUGS))) The seasons will shift again and so will your mood. Hand tight, dear friend and know that I'm here for you.

Dani DeathBiscuit said...

I've been feeling like this too - I haven't been getting out of the house as much as I used to.
I suspect it may be the weather... although I love winter (and what I can wear during this season) it bums me out a little, it's harder to get to town on account of the rain, etc.

I hope you feel better soon <3