Sunday, December 8, 2013

1920s Murder Mystery

My friend, Stephanie, invited me to a 1920s Murder Mystery that she was hosting. I said 'yes' straight away, but then freaked out because I can't act and I wouldn't know other people at the party. My worst nightmare!

Well, glad to say, the party went well. I got my costume from Memory Lane Clothing in Mount Lawley near my house.

I got some fake cigarettes :)

My character was Dina Diva, a singer who wanted a shot at Hollywood films. Me and another girl drew first place for best dressed, we shared the prize which was chocolate :)



Laura Morrigan said...

Yay, how fun! I recently had fun dressing up in 20s style too, for a dinner club! (the post is on my blog) I have always wanted to attend one of those murder mystery parties. Maybe I will have my own one day! I might need a bigger house. Possibly a spookier one :P You look lovely!

jurassicgoth said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I'm glad you went even though you were worried about not knowing anybody.....and you looked fantastic! x

jurassicgoth said...
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TanteFledermaus said...

It must be the year for it- my brother's Halloween party was 1920s themed, and I've been watching Poirot, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, and Mrs. Bradley Mysteries pretty much continuously on a loop for months.

The headband is lovely.

linnea-maria said...

Wow you look stunning, really like a silent movie actress. I think the 20's style fits you very well :)

N. Finsternis said...

I love how special you look with that wig!! Also the black and white edit is beautiful. Something about 20s fashion is so feminine!

Insomniac’s Attic said...

I can't imagine anything worse than a party full of people I don't know. You were very brave.

P.S. You make a gorgeous flapper girl! :o)