Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy holidays!

I hope that all my readers have a good holiday and new years. I'll be spending Christmas with my dad and step-mum (although we're not a Christian family).

This is what I wore to my xmas breakfast at work:
We went to a buffet at the Crown Atrium at Burswood (Perth's casino). I ate so much!!
The dress is from Hell Bunny, size 4xl. I had to alter it because it is a halter dress and I don't like halter dresses. So, I converted the straps to a normal strappy dress. Hell Bunny also added elastic gussets in the side of the dress, which looked horrible so I sewed them down so it couldn't stretch out.

I made a shrunken head for my co-worker:

And I got a Bowie tattoo yesterday:

I have paid time off until January 2nd. I'm going to relax and play lots of video games!


Sary Walrus said...

That dress is too awesome for words. I'm not a halter type of person either and I love that you used the original straps.

The shrunken head is the best thing ever. Like, it's amazing.

Meagan Kyla said...

I hope you have an awesome holiday my dear! You look amazing in your bat dress, it's so festive <3

An Honest Drug said...

Loving the bat dress! Enjoy the holidays, and excellent choice for the tattoo. ;)

Bane said...

The dress is perfect for you! :D Enjoy your time off!

Laura Morrigan said...

David Bowie ttatttttttooooooooo! Awesome!

I love what you did with the dress, I think you are the second person I have heard of doing that with a halter dress, nice to know it is doable as I don't like halter dresses, it is good to know if I find one I really like I might be able to convert one.

The shrunken head is so cool! It is one of those things that I like but it scares me. Actually, I think it is that way with most things I like, ha ha. That's what you get for having Gothic tastes and an overactive imagination!

Insomniac’s Attic said...

The revised dress looks lovely on you, Natalie! I was never much for halters myself - they always felt weird on.

Enjoy your time off!

linnea-maria said...

That sounds like a great vacation :)
I'll have to work with my studies during the holiday :(
You look stunning in that dress, you have altered very professionally and I must say that the shoulder straps looks better.
Have a lovely holiday