Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rocky Horror Perth

The stage production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show is in Perth, and I saw it on Sunday with my sister Kirsty. We went to the matinee at 1:30pm and our seats were really good! I was very excited to see this show, as I've watched the movie a billion times but haven't seen the stage show.

I really loved it, me and Kirsty danced the Time Warp at the end! I would love to see it again. It was very funny, there were quite a few young kids in the audience and the show was very sexually suggestive! (especially during the bed scenes) I wonder how parents are going to explain that to them.

I can make you a man!
Dress: Asos
Tights: Asos
Winklepickers: vintage Ebay
Tote bag: Asos

Kirsty and me as Janet and Brad.


The Professor said...

This post makes me so happy! I am such a huge fan of Rocky Horror, but alas, never saw it on stage. Though I have gone to a million midnight showings with folks running about the theater playing the parts. Were people yelling the things you are supposed to say at specific parts? Was there toilet paper, water guns, rice, etc? Or did they "clean up" the audience participation because it was in a finer theater?

And you look amazing, doll! SO beautiful!

linnea-maria said...

I have heard about the Rocky horror movie shows. Sigh, I have missed something here, there's a big gap needed to be filled. I could never imagine stiff Swedes unbehave at a theatre.
You look so great in that dress.

Fee said...

I love Rocky Horror! I went to see it on stage for the first time last summer, and though they didn't allow the throwing of toast (boo! But I suppose it's unfair to ask already busy cleaners to tidy up that mess) it was wonderful fun. And yes, I found the stage show hilariously sexualised, though I don't think any kids were about.

mrs.c said...

I saw the anniversary production last year here in the UK, and my goodness it was fantastic!!!!

N. Finsternis said...

Hehe love your pics as said already on FB. I so love how you pull off that 20s look, it incredibly suits you! However, one of the things I could never understand in this universe is the Rocky Horror Picture Show....figures.

Laura Morrigan said...

How fun, I really need to see a stage show of it one day! I would like to dress up as Magenta. Your dress and tights are really nice, you really seem to find some nice stuff at ASOS I might have to keep an eye out, although I don't think there are any local stores. I have pretty much given up looking in most first hand stores, what people call fashion at the moment is all mini and fluoro! It burns my eyes! :P

I actually saw the DVD of the Rocky Horror Show for the first time with my parents, although I was about 19 at the time. My dad knew I would like it!

Insomniac’s Attic said...

It's been ages since I saw the movie ... I bet it was a blast seeing a live version! You look fantastic!

Morgaine Fey @Purji said...

Your outfit is awesome!

I bet those parents are the owners of cool, well adjusted kids--I hope.

I missed out on the show this month, but I am damned determined to go to the one next month. I have to get my outfit ready! o.0

Bane said...

Love the outfit! Rocky Horror is not a show where I'd expect to see young children. Their parents will have some 'splaining to do. ;)

I had the misfortune of seeing a horribly amateur production several years ago. Rocky wore khaki pants. :P