Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wednesday Wants

Ax Paris Sequin Bodycon Dress from Simply Be: $105
I've seen this dress on a few ladies online, and it looks fabulous! I want to be a mermaid too!! But too expensive for me and I'm not sure how often I would wear something like this (even if it matches my hair perfectly)

Clueless Witch Collection by Lime Crime: $20 each (collection comes out later in March 2014)
I have a love/hate relationship with Lime Crime. I love their eyeshadow primer, I love 'Red Velvet' Velvetine lipstick. But Lime Crime does have a lot of controversy attached to it.
I really want these lipsticks though. I bought Red Velvet a while ago and it looks amazing (dries matte and stays on for ages). I have my eye on wicked and black velvet, I'm not sure I would suit the brown coloured 'salem'. Hopefully there is a plum colour in the works, because that colour suits me the best.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with any products?


TanteFledermaus said...

>hyperventilating a little over the dress<

linnea-maria said...

Oh sigh! You would look stunning in that dress and it would be perfect with your hair!
By this post you made a good review of these matte lipsticks so I decided I have to buy them :) I prefer matte lips, I use lip lining pen usually.