Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Domino Dollhouse Pagan Poetry Collection

Oh wow you guys. Domino Dollhouse has released the first part to their Pagan Poetry collection and I'm very excited. This collection seems very Goth orientated, and I really wish that I had enough money to buy the cute dresses I featured below.
Domino Dollhouse offer plus sized clothing in awesome cuts and prints, very affordable compared to Australia's City Chic (overpriced and boring dress cuts). Sizes are from 1X to 4X.

I'm dying because items in Pagan Poetry have different song names as the titles, such as 'Slowdive' and 'She's Lost Control' (Siouxsie and Joy Division respectively).

(Silent Shout is a song by The Knife)

I really love the collar of this dress, but for some odd reason it's PVC.