Sunday, July 6, 2014

Girls Night

My cousin Jorja is visiting Perth from Leicester in the UK (this is where my dad's side of the family is from). She's staying at my parents house, so I thought I'd take her out one night to get her away from the oldies :)

I also invited my sister and my coworker along. We first had dinner at Devilles, which I wanted to show Jorja because of the hell decor they have. I think she really loved it!
We then went to the Loft to see if they were playing any good music. Oh, I also got to drive us in my new car because my coworker could supervise me.

The night was pretty warm, so I could get away with not wearing lots of layers.
Jacket: Lady Bryant (from my friend Franny in the USA)
Skirt: ?? (ebay)
Lacey top: New Look
Boots: Iconic (not 100% sure)
Stag head on wall: Typo

Here's my cousin Jorja. Super pale because of the camera flash :)
I hope she enjoys all that Australia/Perth has to offer!


The Professor said...

It's so nice to see you posting again, beautiful friend! I missed you. And let me tell you, you look fabulous. Congrats on getting your first car. Wahoo!

linnea-maria said...

You look great! I'm a bit curious of the detail on your jacket, is it a brooch or a badge?