Monday, July 28, 2014

Kindle Dracula KleverCase

A little while ago I bought a Kindle Paperwhite. I already have an android tablet, but I wanted something small that I could read my books on. I heard great reviews about the Paperwhite, so I bought one on ebay. I wanted to get a really cool cover for it, and I was instantly drawn to KleverCase which has a bunch of covers that look like traditional hardback books.
The covers available are different books, like Sherlock Holmes, The Secret Garden, and Pride & Prejudice. I liked the Dracula cover best, because it looked like an old book. The other covers have modern designs.
I bought a Dracula cover off ebay, and it took around two weeks to arrive to me.
Each cover is handmade using book binding techniques from the Manor Bindery in the UK.

It came packaged nicely in sturdy cardboard.

My Dracula cover and a handwritten note.
The cover looks awesome! I love that it looks weathered. The cover looks like those old fabric covered books, but this is strong cardboard/paper.

Here is the inside, with a bookplate and a case to hold my Kindle.

Side view. It looks awesome!

My Kindle fitted into the book.

You can also bend the book back for better holding ability.

You can't tell it apart from other books!

Overall I'm super impressed with this cover, I'm really in love with it's old book appeal. I'm a bit worried about the durability of the materials, as this is going to be thrown around in my bag a lot.

Pros: - Looks like an old book!
- Unique
- Supporting the book binding profession, and a business in the UK

Cons: - Expensive, I paid $50 for my cover.
- Not sure about the durability over time
- Bit hard to hold, unlike other covers that are designed to be comfortable to hold.
- Might flap open, because there is no magnets or elastic to hold the cover in place.


The Professor said...

Oooo, that's a nice eReader cover! :) I can't stand my iPad, but unfortunately, it's a necessary evil these days. It's nice to see a company giving a nod to conventional books.

Inmate 4 said...

Funny, the universal ereader ones have an elastic closure to keep it shut. I might drop them a line to suggest including this for the fitted ones, and I love the look of this!

dayna said...

I love how book-like it looks! Pretty rad :3

Fee said...

I love this idea, though I agree that it's very strange not having a reliable form of closure. Let us know how it holds up!

linnea-maria said...

Oh! What a lovely and practical thing at the same time!! Love it!

Insomniac’s Attic said...

I have the exact same cover for my iPhone! Mine's a bit brighter green though, so it doesn't look nice and weathered like yours.

Uvita Viruella said...

Wow! That is one clever case! SUuh a beauty ♥